7 things that make a woman beautiful (that makeup can’t)

Many women believe that makeup is the key to beauty. This is because they are judged by other people for their looks alone, but also because of pop culture and media that support these superficial prejudices. Big business makes money from promoting in a not-so-good way “miracle” products and effects that… are expected. The truth is that beauty does not come from applying a miracle cream or mascara.

There are other things that make a better and more lasting impression than any makeup ever could:

A woman without a passion is considered a boring woman. Sometimes, life is quite hard and complicated and it is necessary to always find some moments for yourself. A woman finds it hard to take things at an easy, slow pace, but if she neglects herself and the aspects that excite her, the small pleasures, then she goes through life without a well-defined meaning and lives a passionless experience.

A woman who also makes time for passions or pleasures, whatever they may be, understands that life is too short and precious not to enjoy the little details. A woman who enjoys life means that she has a lot to offer, not only to her life partner, but also to friends and others. Why? Because passion, happiness or joy for life are contagious.

A cold-hearted woman can only love herself, but who exactly loves her? That should give many women pause for thought. If a woman is incapable of feeling emotion for or with the people around her, then how can a person feel affection, empathy for her? Whether mother, girlfriend, wife, colleague or friend, a woman is the glue that holds relationships together. The reality is that if a woman loves herself more than she is capable of loving someone close to her, then that is the only “beauty” she can boast of. Men do not find a narcissistic woman attractive. It is much more important that she knows how to give and receive love.

Her mind
There is a popular myth in our culture that a beautiful woman is not intelligent. In fact, this is a stereotype that condemns women: intelligent women are not beautiful and beautiful women are not intelligent. All women are beautiful and intelligent, each person is unique. That’s what makes us different: different people, different qualities. On the other hand, a woman who does not take the time and cultivate her intellect is like a writer who never reads books. Neglecting the intellect is like saying that you don’t need to understand the world, but the world needs to understand you. Life doesn’t work that way. The search for truth and knowledge is not only attractive, but essential to our existence. Knowledge is power, and power is sexy.

Spirit of adventure
Having a spirit of adventure doesn’t mean a woman has to be positive all the time, because disappointments happen in everyone’s life. The point is that a woman should have a sense of adventure and appreciation for all that is attractive and the opportunities life offers. For example, if a woman can’t relax enough to take a spontaneous walk with her child or friends, then… what’s the appeal?

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who refuses to give up or give in. Resilience, whether in career, health or marriage, is admired. The world loves a fighter. This toughness is not strictly about a woman’s control or refusal to give in to pressures/work, it is about the belief that life can never defeat her. It does not allow her to be defeated by anything. The fact that she doesn’t let negativity bring her down is wonderful!

When we talk about beauty, clearly we also talk about praise. There is a fine line between being confident and bragging. Flattery describes a woman in a negative way, it’s a kind of self-congratulatory manner, and seeking compliments in this way is an ugly thing. Self-confidence doesn’t mean you have to ask for validation from others, tell them directly or praise yourself for how good you look, how you talk, think or act. A woman who doesn’t need people’s opinion helps her feel a different kind of pride in herself, and this is infinitely more attractive than the woman who incessantly seeks the approval of those around her.