What You Should Do Before Getting Married

wait and see

“I regret not waiting longer before getting married. I rushed into it way too fast. Everyone says ‘Awww, you guys dated in high school,’ but maybe that was my biggest mistake.”

meeting his family

“I wish I had gotten to know my husband’s family better before we got married. She’s so insufferable and I’m really not sure I would have even married him if I had known that then.”

having a baby

“I wish I had had a baby before I got married. My husband is great, but he already has four kids and doesn’t want any more. I gave up my desire to have children for him, but I regret not having my own before.”

finish education

“I just wish I had finished my degree before I got married. I feel like I have to stay with my husband even if we don’t get along because I don’t have an education to live off of.”

getting along on your own

“I wish I had learned how to deal with my depression and anxiety before I got married. I’m grateful for the support my husband gives me, but I feel like I should be able to cope on my own and I can’t.”

learning self-love

“I wish I had learned to love myself first. The fact that I didn’t think I was lovable put a lot of strain on my marriage to some extent.”