How to better appreciate your life as a single person? 3 tips

Tip 1: Feed your essential needs

Although enriching, living together is also a source of many daily obligations. Between a lover who doesn’t have the same rhythm as you, the evenings that follow with friends in common and family lunches on Sundays, you can quickly find yourself in a whirlwind that is beyond you! Indeed, the couple can end up making us put some of our demands on the back burner, even though they are precious for our inner well-being.

Celibacy is therefore the perfect time to put your essential needs back in the forefront of your life. Do you need to sleep in next weekend? It’s ok! Need a quiet evening on your couch? Take advantage of it! Want to take care of yourself by cooking organic? Go for it! You’ve understood it, don’t feel guilty anymore and gratefully nourish these needs that participate, every day, in affirming the singularity of the person you are.

Tip n°2: Listen to your desires

To please your companion, your family or even your friends, you may have a tendency to blend in and fade away. Without even realizing it, you’re becoming a good student who does exactly what is expected of her and doesn’t offend anyone. As a result, little by little, you abandon the things you want and your thirst for novelty to remain in line with the image that people have of you.

Take advantage of living alone to search for the little things that make you vibrate! Whether you dream of learning to play a musical instrument, speak a new foreign language or want to take up sports again, you can now freely choose the activities that make you happy. By putting yourself into action so that your desires come true, you allow yourself to learn, evolve and grow. The ideal cocktail to be more fulfilled and gain energy!

Tip 3: Reconnect to your own desire

When you’re in a relationship or meeting new people, you may be tempted to put the other person’s wishes ahead of your own. So you will try to please your partner or be available for him or her. Thinking about your partner’s pleasure is a good thing in a couple, but when your partner becomes too central to the relationship, you end up forgetting your own tastes and putting yourself in second place.

If you are single, take advantage of the time you have to listen to your body and recognize your desires. To do this, observe the inner and outer signs it sends you (heat, tension, fatigue, etc.) and try to respect these feelings as much as possible. Identifying these feelings will allow you to have more fulfilling future relationships, because you will be able to assume and express your own desires unequivocally in front of the other person.

Far from being a curse, celibacy is a real opportunity to reconnect fully with your inner self. With the help of these 3 tips, you will be able to approach your single life from a new angle and gain self-confidence. Indeed, by agreeing to recognize your own desires, desires and needs, you are putting all the chances on your side to be happy with or without a man!

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