Numerological 9 – what is its purpose and what makes it different?

Numbers have accompanied man since the dawn of time. We encounter them almost at every turn – checking the temperature, prices or the time. In addition, each of us was born on a specific day, at a specific time. Numerology explores the mysteries of how numbers affect our lives. What can we calculate with our birth date and what does the number 9 mean?

Vibrations of birth
Vibrations of birth are nothing but numbers related to our fate. Calculation of vibrations is very simple, just add all the digits of your birth date and then calculate the sum of the digits. For example – if you were born on 12/05/1995, you do the addition: 1+2+0+5+1+9+9+5 =32. We add up the three and four getting the digit 5. So your birth vibration is the digit 5.

What does the digit 9 mean?
If you got 9 after calculating the digit from your birth date, then you are a numerological nine. Nine is a reflection of idealism and humanitarianism. In the name of faith in a better tomorrow, he is able to take altruistic actions. Numerological nines feel that they have a mission to accomplish in this world. They want to bring help, are characterized by love and a big heart. The number 9 is further described as a teacher, a sage who passes on his thoughts to others. Due to its spirituality, it is sometimes called the “old soul”.

Among her qualities are sensitivity to other people and kindness.
She enjoys being with people, and is known for her positive attitude, which makes it easy for her to make new friends. In addition, she focuses on personal development, striving for self-realization. She is a master of thought and reflection. As a child, the two does not cause parents any parenting problems, and is considered by some to be a shy person.

Disadvantages of a nine
The nine also has its own disadvantages. These include naivety and lack of caution. Sometimes she tends to be self-centered. She can be impulsive, which causes irrational behavior. She also has a tendency to feel sorry for herself, which in excessive amounts arouses resentment in others. Overconfidence in the other person and detachment from reality can teach the twosome a life lesson.