How to Lose Weight Permanently – 04 Smart Weight Loss Tips

It is impossible to have willpower all the time. That’s why, at the end of a diet, we regain the weight we just lost and much more. However, to lose weight permanently, there is no need to deprive yourself or count calories. There is no need for medication or drastic diets, which are the signs of compulsive behavior. What is needed above all is to remain conscious. Conscious of your body, your thoughts and your sensations.


One cannot live well or enjoy good health and evolve positively without self-esteem and self-esteem. Women have an intimate relationship with their bodies. It is thanks to this body that she lives, feels, nourishes and gives life. If it does not fit then it is almost certain that nothing else will. The only way to lose weight sustainably and intelligently is to love yourself. You can’t lose weight if you don’t feel love or joy. We love ourselves in order to lose weight, but we do not lose weight in order to love ourselves.


Some people eat when they are bored or lonely and anxious. This is because negative feelings are sometimes made to affect weight. Excess weight is often the result of difficulty in coping with life: we seek to fill the void with food, which becomes a source of comfort. These are the “emotional kilos”.

It is therefore necessary to relearn hunger, to live less stressed and to know how to say no. Try to detach yourself from the negative. Eat only when you are hungry and not because it is time to sit down to eat. Take time to savour each bite and stop eating when you are not hungry. This requires an awareness of hunger and satiety. The freedom to eat only when you are hungry is also the freedom to refuse food when your body does not want to. It is also important to distinguish between what satisfies your body and what your cravings dictate.


A diet low in nutritional value can have dramatic consequences on the body. It gradually robs us of our energy. In the same way, a very rich diet exhausts the body, requiring constant efforts to assimilate and digest.

One of the first rules is to eat little. If this rule is not followed, even nutritionally good food cannot be properly assimilated by the body. When a dish is served in a beautiful environment and is well presented, there is no need for a large portion for the body to be satisfied. More than quantity, the sensation of satiety is a question of quality. The second rule is to give up foods with little nutritional value. Empty calories block the metabolism, resulting in fat storage. Eating well is still about eating slowly and delicately. It means respecting your food as well as your body.


You have the power to create all kinds of thoughts. And the more beautiful, deep and strong these thoughts are, the more likely they are to motivate you to achieve your goal. You will then become the embodiment of your perfect, ideal image: a strong, radiant and vital woman. You can become the one you want. You have the power within you. In a notebook, or on a piece of paper, write a list of affirmations or quotes that inspire you personally. Put them in your purse and read them as often as you feel the need. Ideally, you should memorize them. To anchor them inside you, read them daily for at least 21 days. Repeat to yourself:

“I am, right now, on the path to my goal: this ideal body that already exists within me. I vow to do everything in my power to get there as quickly as I can: eat less, exercise, choose healthy foods, improve my environment… No matter what, I will hold on to it and not allow any obstacle to stop me. This perfect image exists within me and will remain there forever. I will be a charismatic person, attracting what is necessary for it to happen. I am the perfect weight for my body type, I feel wonderful and I look great. I know that small portions of food are enough for me and I am happy about that. I can clearly see myself saying no to empty calories and I love the person I see in the mirror. I can already see the person I will become. I love myself unconditionally. “