They only care about themselves and their happiness. If they’re fine, no one and nothing else matters.

Let’s be honest and admit it: we’re all selfish at certain points in our lives, and that’s completely okay. However, some of us tend to be selfish non-stop. That’s who they are and they can’t help it. Selfishness runs through their veins and they won’t change for the world.

Do you want to know if you are one of these zodiac signs? Then you’re in the right place, so read on. As always, astrology will help us know which people are selfish.

Here’s the top of the most selfish zodiac signs:

Aries is without a doubt the most selfish zodiac sign. It often gets a bad reputation as one of the angriest zodiac signs, but no one ever really talks about its selfish traits.

To Aries, no one matters more than himself. He has put himself on a pedestal and no one and nothing can get him down from there. He believes that everything is his due and does everything he can to get what he wants from the people around him. He makes demands, but never helps. He’s only there when he needs something and as soon as he’s got that thing he disappears and you never hear from him again.

If you’re an Aries, we’ve got some advice for you: it’s time to make sacrifices. It’s time to embrace the art of compromise. Relationships are part of life and should always be based on mutual love, understanding, help, honesty.

It’s almost an addiction for Taurus to be selfish.

Taurus is known as one of the most materialistic signs of the zodiac. He is driven in life by the motto “Me first”. He believes that everything is his due and it doesn’t even cross his mind that he can hurt people dear to him with this mentality.

The moment he feels he needs something, all the selfish feelings in his body are activated and make him completely ruthless. Despite his sweet exterior, Taurus is always mindful of his needs and what is important to him. His need for security and independence increases his selfishness.

If you’re a Taurus, we have some advice for you: Learn to let go. It’s time to stop asking for more and more in relationships and allow the connection between you and the people around you to thrive with what you have.

Don’t mess with a Leo… because you could lose everything.

The amazing self-confidence a Leo has makes them feel superior. He often doesn’t even realize he’s sharing space with other people on this earth. He was born to be in the spotlight, to be a star, and he’s not prepared to let anyone steal his fame. Sharing the spotlight and the stage is out of the question for this fire sign. In fact, it’s not even an option.

Is there ever a time when Leo gives up selfishness? Perhaps when they meet their soulmate and fall hopelessly in love. But he won’t refuse to be who he really is, he’ll just try to learn to compromise for fear of losing the person he’s with.