5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Nowadays, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures are increasingly popular. There’s hardly a woman who hasn’t taken advantage of them, or if not herself, there’s certainly an acquaintance or friend of hers who does. But still, we should not forget that there is one faithful ally of female beauty and that is good makeup. Its proper application can refresh us and even help us look a few years younger. Conversely, if we mess with our choice of cosmetics, we can age ourselves unnecessarily. What are the makeup mistakes that might be ageing you? Here are some of them:

Applying too much concealer
If you follow makeup artists on social media, you’ll see how much concealer they apply. However, this manner is only applicable for photo shoots or TV appearances.

If you use too much concealer in everyday life, you run the risk of weighing down your eyes and accentuating fine lines. By making facial expressions and smiling, you make a lot of involuntary movements that can cause the concealer to collect in certain areas. As a result, the eye area will look oily, “heavy”, and the concealer will “crack”.

Apply a dot the size of a pea at the beginning and end of the eye and blend well. This amount is plenty for your everyday makeup.

You put on too much setting powder
Another beauty trend that comes from social media – the so-called “baking” – or the use of fixing powder on the concealer. It’s that weird white powder that influencers apply after concealer. This product has a lighter texture and helps for a better finish. It absorbs and soaks up excess oil. But overdoing it will over-dry the fine skin around the eyes and make wrinkles even more visible. To avoid this effect, apply a very small amount and remove with a medium-sized brush in a tapping motion.

Yes, you read that right. This trend has been in vogue for years, but when it comes to our everyday lives, contouring after a certain age can actually age you. Youth is associated with a rounder and rounder face. Contouring on the other hand defines the cheekbones too much, and applying product along the cheekbones, almost to the corners of the lips, will certainly make your face look tighter and age you.

Instead, use makeup that will “warm up” your face – for example, a blush in a lighter tone or a bronzing powder to apply on the cheeks. Avoid overly dark colours and don’t apply below the cheekbone line. This will avoid outlining your cheekbones, which can make them look too sunken.

Over-emphasise the eyebrows
Undoubtedly, the eyebrows create the frame of the face. But outlining them too strongly can give your face a stern and even frowning look. To this end, avoid using eyebrow pencil. Instead, use a brow fixing gel. Use it to “comb” your brows in an upward direction. This will give you an instant eye lift. Wait a few minutes and then draw fine hairs with a micro-brush pencil. It allows you to draw both thin and thick lines that mimic hairs. With its help, you will achieve a microblading effect.

Forget the black eye pencil
We can say for sure that this is something we should leave in the past. You have probably seen your grandmothers, aunts or mothers doing it, but to date, this makeup technique is absolutely unacceptable. If you want to make your eyes visibly bigger, for starters, opt for a nice combination mascara for volume and length. Apply it in a zigzag motion, starting at the beginning of the lashes.

If you still want to define the eyes, use a dark brown pencil. Apply it along the top line of the eye, drawing it in very lightly after the end. Apply a very fine line underneath as close to the lash line as possible. Blend with a brush or use your finger.