5 Signs That You Are Not A Hopeless, But A Person With Multiple Potential

All your friends already have stable careers and seem very confident about their career paths. This is not the case for you…

It seems like everyone around you knows what they’re doing, except you. You have a lot of passions, but you don’t know which ones to pursue and in which direction to develop. You’d like to learn them all, but you worry that you don’t have enough time. You’re always confused, and this makes you feel that you’re not really good at anything.

If you fit the above description, you are likely to be a person with multiple potential. Yes, you heard it right: you are not just “clueless”, as people have told you or as you think of yourself.

Here are 5 signs that you have multiple potential and are not just an indecisive person!
You have several areas of interest that have no connection with each other
You love psychology and you love reading personal development books. At the same time, you love to cook and paint. You’ve taken drama classes, but now you’d like to learn something about medicine.

Your interests and hobbies are many and often there is nothing common between them. That’s why it’s hard for you to choose just one path, because you know you could go in any direction.

You love to learn new things and develop new skills all the time
If other people have fun travelling, watching TV shows, going out with friends or going to concerts, you feel best when you learn something new. Not only do you enjoy it, but you’re also very good at it. You learn everything extremely quickly, memorize a lot of information and quickly become very good at many different areas of life.

You lose interest in things very suddenly and quickly
Even if you love to learn and have many passions, you often find yourself suddenly giving up things you used to enjoy. You quickly get bored with one hobby, then start a new one. Later, that too becomes monotonous.

You always want something different, and this makes you feel that you are lacking ambition. In fact, you are a person with multiple potential.

Your thoughts never seem to stop
You notice those around you and they seem to be able to relax in their spare time. And you desperately wonder how they can be so sure of their trajectory and how they never question themselves, while your brain is working non-stop.

You’re always thinking of new plans, new projects, new ideas that excite you and keep you awake at night. You may even suffer from anxiety when the multitude of possibilities becomes clearer and clearer.

You hate routine and predictable things
You’ve never wanted to specialise in one area, precisely because routine and predictability kill you. You always want to have the freedom to explore, to move freely through the possibilities and to leave somewhere when you want to. That’s why you’ve often felt that you’re good at a little bit of everything, but not an expert in any one area.

Well, you should know that this fluidity and flexibility is your unique gift. Not everyone can step out of their comfort zone as easily as you do! Explore this multiple potential and don’t worry about outside opinions.