These 3 beauty trends that will rock in 2021

The beauty trends of 2021 will be natural or not. Gone will be the assertive contouring and skincare products low in active ingredients. Makeup will be more discreet and homemade skincare will continue to rise. An appetite for a minimalist beauty routine predicted by Pinterest, which has over 400 million users worldwide. A panel of choice to predict what will be the lifestyle trends of tomorrow, via the countless ideas pinned by users of the inspirational site. Discover the beauty trends that will mark the year 2021 thanks to the Pinterest Predicts report.

Yoga exercises for the face

Fight against the sagging of the oval and jowls, tone the neck, smooth wrinkles … yoga exercises for the face have many virtues! Such a phenomenon that research in their favor has increased fourfold, compared to the previous year.

Yoga for the face, very trendy:

  • In Brazil
  • In France
  • In Italy

The aloe vera face mask

Renowned for moisturizing hair, soothing dry hands, aloe vera also works wonders on the face. This plant, which is 99% water, is a favorite among natural beauty recipe enthusiasts and is used in skin masks, a treatment that has seen a 155% increase in popularity over the past year.

The aloe vera face mask, very trendy:

  • In France
  • In the United Kingdom
  • In Indonesia

Natural makeup

Contouring and heavy make-up will not be at the wedding in 2021. Instead, women will opt for a discreet beauty look, with the “natural everyday makeup” search growing by 180% compared to the same period in 2020. A trend that could however change depending on the evolution of the pandemic, which may or may not require the wearing of a mask to hide the lower part of the face.

Natural make-up, very trendy:

  • In France
  • In the United Kingdom
  • In Germany