Tips For Proper Lip Care

Lips are the most sensitive area of the human body because, all the time, they are suffering the aggression of different elements including the sun, wind, cold, pollen and dust, so it is necessary to give them adequate protection so that they remain well hydrated and soft all year round.

How to take care of your lips? By applying these tips, which are fundamental and very, very simple:

Drink plenty of water: dry lips can be a consequence of not drinking the two liters of water recommended by health professionals every day; be sure to follow this advice and you will soon see how your lips recover their original softness, shine and volume.

Watch your food: certain foods are great for your stomach but they irreparably damage your skin, that’s why you should be careful of spicy or very sweet ingredients that cause the appearance of pimples. To avoid these problems, always choose a diet with vitamins, minerals and lots of iron (yes, chocolate, although delicious, is strictly forbidden, at least on a daily basis).

Quit smoking: tobacco has a terrible effect on the lips, darkening them and enhancing the early appearance of the famous wrinkles. For this reason, stop smoking (you will also be doing your health a great good).

Choose a good sunscreen: if you are going to the beach, do not only take care of the skin of your body, think also about your lips and put on them a good sunscreen stick to avoid problems with the sun, sand or salt.

Moisturize your lips: if you expose your lips to the sun, without giving them the protection they need, you will soon begin to have problems, for that reason it is best to buy a good moisturizer fortified with vitamins.

Don’t bite: when faced with a situation of maximum pressure or stress, many people insist on nibbling their lips, which causes cuts that are especially painful in winter. Control this bad habit through an iron discipline!

Be very careful when choosing your lipstick: if you choose a cosmetic that does not have adequate protection you can suffer irreparable damage to your mouth, for that reason, avoid long-lasting lipsticks and remember that the creamier the lipstick, the more protection it will offer you.

Treat yourself to a weekly exfoliation: to take care of yourself is to love yourself, says an old advertisement, and that phrase expresses a great truth: if you exfoliate every week you will remove dead cells from your lips, regenerating the skin and making your mouth look much healthier and, most importantly, sensual.