3 golden rules of the wise woman: what NOT to demand from the man next to you

We present you 3 golden tips from psychologists that wise women follow adamantly. With them, the relationship will be even more harmonious and happy.

Do not control, but trust
Being tolerant of the desires and needs of the man next to you – this is priceless! Let him be able to meet his friends whenever he wants, do what interests him and what gives him pleasure.

Of course, we are not talking about endless absences from home and neglect of duties. But when it is important for him to do something for himself, he should not be stopped by the woman he loves. Because she also feels love for him and wants to see him happy! It is very important to treat each other with understanding and trust.

Yes, it is true that the absence of the partner can sometimes become a reason for unpleasant guesses – where he is, with whom he is, whether he will cheat on me, whether he will leave me… But if you are sure of his feelings as he is of yours – these unpleasant thoughts will never come to your mind.

Remember – the effect of female control is completely opposite! The harder you insist on restraining a man, the stronger becomes his desire to simply do you defiance. And eventually to get away from you.

Don’t discuss it behind his back
Don’t discuss personal details of your life with your man in front of girlfriends, relatives, mutual acquaintances or strangers. First of all, this is very ugly and undignified, especially if unflattering facts about the partner are shared. And secondly, most of the people will just look at what is told as juicy gossip that they can spread and enjoy the reaction of others. You end up losing – your self-esteem, for example.

Don’t blame him and don’t judge
Of course, we all have splinters to chop. But if a man constantly hears reproaches and is judged by the woman next to him, he will not only not be happy in such a relationship, but will look to get rid of her as soon as possible. There is an old tale that love cannot be held back with papers and signatures.

If a man doesn’t want to be with you, a marriage license won’t stop him from leaving. Neither will children. Nor anything else. He will leave whether you have a signed marriage license or not. So don’t judge, but provide support – let him know he can count on you to support him even when he’s in the wrong. Actually, especially then. When he is helpless and when he blames himself for doing wrong. That’s why we’re together – to give each other support and hope in difficult times.

An atmosphere of safety in the family space is most important. Home is where we feel safe and secure. Whatever happens, we find comfort in home. From the woman we love, from the man we love, even the atmosphere of comfort itself acts as a calming pill. Let us not forget this.