The Woman Capable Of Ruining Any Man

Insects choose a plant by its appearance and smell. They cannot know what danger this or that flower poses. Sometimes everything turns out all right, and other times the plant swallows the stupid fly.

In this respect men differ little from insects. The main thing is that the flower should be bright and smell delicious. The man feels an overwhelming desire to touch it and enjoy the pollen, often without thinking what the consequences might be.

There are women “vampires” who know how to attract foolish men into their lives, and then for many years will suck all the life force out of them, literally driving them crazy and not giving them a chance to unhook.

The problem is that then they both suffer without being able to find a way out of the vicious circle. Who is the woman capable of ruining any man?

The woman who always says “NO”
This woman can be very attractive. The man hopes that she will give him many joyful moments, you just need to achieve your goal. And he is ready for everything – to charm, attract, bribe. In the end, it seems to him that he has almost achieved his goal, even the woman says out loud “Yes”, but her body categorically says “No”.

However, the man does not understand this and tries to get love and surrender. Only … the woman is unable to give them to him.

Then the man starts thinking he is bad, trying to become better, taller, stronger. And still he gets nothing. That’s what drives him crazy. Because the woman with her whole appearance makes it clear that her physical contact is disgusting. At the same time she can be a wonderful person who is hard to just let go of your life.

In this situation the man has two options.

Either he tortures himself and lives without physical contact, which of course affects his emotional state.

Or he drifts in the direction of crossdressing, which again affects his psychological state. He feels like a bad person and a traitor, but he can’t resist his instincts.

The woman who always says “I want”
From the moment they go to bed, when at most about 5 minutes have passed, she starts with her demands. Of course, the man doesn’t like that.

Such a woman doesn’t bother talking about how many men she has had “before”. To put it mildly, the man doesn’t like knowing this, but naively hopes that he will be the last.

Such a woman compares the man to the “ex,” openly and without hesitation. Moreover, these comparisons are far from always in his favor. She also unhesitatingly says that the man must try very hard to please her. It strikes at self-esteem with terrible force. The man is very angry, but the woman always knows how to calm his anger, using the “proven way”, she manages to keep him by her side.

Such a woman knows how to make many male friends, flirts with other men without shame and hesitation. To all the objections of “her man” she replies that he need not worry, that she is just being like that. A man next to such a woman lives in a state of permanent jealousy, he can’t trust her and it ruins him.

A woman who always says “What will I get in return?”
If the first two types of women are immediately recognizable, then the woman who always says “What will I get in return?” is a hard nut and knows how to disguise herself for a long time.

It can take a long time before she reveals her cards. In the meantime, the man will be fascinated by her performances in bed, which will be just to his liking. And he will immediately feel like a hero and a winner in the love Olympics. But …

That’s when he starts to pay. He will be very afraid of losing his happiness. Gradually, however, he will begin to understand that for every wonderful minute spent in bed, he will have to give something in return.

The behavior and lifestyle must be such that it pleases this woman, otherwise she will say “No” and send her beloved to sleep on the couch.

There must be gifts as well. Modest at first, then more and more expensive.

The poor guy will only know he’s in trouble when she manages to “tie” him up as much as possible for herself.

Yes… What seems so appealing and smells delicious at the beginning, very quickly turns into a scenario with a terrible ending.