Petty female misdeeds that a man can not forget

They say a woman can forgive but will not forget, and a man will forget but will not forgive. Whether this is so, we can only guess. But now we will talk about those little insults that can destroy a relationship.

Women, in general, offend gracefully – impulsively and dramatically. But then again, most of them are quick to forgive minor slights. With men, it’s different. They take offense without many words, yelling and tantrums, but they remember like elephants. Here will what you need to know about the psychology of men, and more precisely what is the most difficult to forgive the male half of humanity.

Men do not forgive public humiliation
Criticism in a healthy relationship should be extremely constructive and face-to-face only, otherwise it turns into humiliation. Agree that it is terribly unpleasant to hear unflattering things about you, and even more so to have it happen in front of other people … Do you want to destroy your relationship? Try then.

And it’s not just about male dignity. It’s far more complicated than that. The man perceives this as a real betrayal. When you humiliate him in public, even if it is in front of his loved ones, from a beloved woman you turn into a stranger. Because in the eyes of men, the beloved woman should motivate, be proud of and stimulate the development of positive qualities of the one she loves, not to humiliate him in the presence of others.

Unjustified, blind jealousy
Representatives of the stronger physical contact are sure, or so they say, that love is one hundred percent trust. Where jealousy appears, love disappears. This is one hundred percent true.

Groundless suspicions, reproaches, asking for passwords, control, computer checks – all this is considered by the man as the presence of complexes and lack of love. Female jealousy is a truly terrible thing. Always remember one thing – if a man does not want to be with you, there is no way to stop him from going away. Neither the marriage ring, nor your common children, nor pressure from relatives and friends, nothing will stop him. As long as he is there for you, gives you love, rushes home in the evening and you spend time together, you have nothing to worry about. Once sown, the seed of doubt quickly swells and turns into a monster. The monster called jealousy. And it literally sucks out love, every last drop of it left.

Demonstrative behaviour
Harsh language and provocative behavior can significantly damage a relationship. Let’s remind ourselves that there is a big difference between being smart and being wise.

A wise woman knows when it’s better to remain silent and when it’s better to respond. The woman who is only smart but not wise doesn’t miss a single chance to demonstrate her intellectual abilities. From a man such behavior is perceived as a kind of attack – that the woman non-stop seeks to prove her superiority over him. Is there anyone who likes this?!

Drama, drama and more drama
Women love drama and men are adamantly against it. Of course, all people are individual. Someone tends to suppress his emotions, another, on the contrary – his emotions literally overflow.

The main thing in a relationship with a man is to know the measure in everything. It is important to work on yourself, to manage anger and emotions, because sometimes they can turn out to be the small stone that overturns the whole cart.

Expression of disregard
A woman who denies her beloved’s masculinity will never be able to build a harmonious relationship. Representatives of the stronger physical contact do not forgive when their courage is questioned. Such an attitude does not motivate, does not inspire the man, but on the contrary, forces him to break off the relationship. And to find the woman who will appreciate him.

Attempts at manipulation
Manipulation is based on weakness. It is known that representatives of the stronger physical contact do not understand female hints at all. Any tricks, tantrums, female tears – all this shows that a woman simply does not have the courage to speak honestly about her desires. A self-respecting man will not allow himself to be controlled and will not forgive the one who does not want to be honest with him.

Remember that excessive pressure always scares men. Opt for behavior that will allow you to grow closer as a couple. Try to look at the situation from the male point of view. This will not only prevent separation, but also maintain harmony in your relationship.