8 Personality Traits People Hate The Most

There are some things that make us avoid certain people. It’s those behaviours or personality traits that people hate in others.

Users on the Reddit platform have compiled a top list of those obnoxious behaviours that make a person as unlikable or downright annoying as possible. Here they are:

Avoiding responsibility
Those who avoid their responsibilities and have a habit of leaving them to others are considered to be particularly unpleasant. But the reasons why someone behaves this way can be varied. For example, they have a low tolerance for negative emotions, lack the courage to take responsibility, have low self-esteem or fear they will fail. On the other hand, some people who blame their responsibilities on others are simply lazy.

Inability to take criticism
It is said that only highly intelligent people are able to accept criticism from others at face value. It’s painful to hear something you don’t like, and some people simply can’t face the truth. The fact that they feel attacked when someone contradicts them or has a different opinion from their own means that some people lack the strength of character to accept a different point of view. Of course, criticism can only be accepted when it is constructive, not when it is gratuitous or malicious.

The habit of making fun of other people’s physical appearance
People sometimes deliberately insult each other, and the emotional scars left behind are long lasting. Some people feel the need to feel special or superior, but humiliating others for this purpose is a wrong way to achieve this effect. Those who laugh at another person’s physical appearance are viewed with suspicion and distrust.

Inability to apologise
Those who don’t apologise even when they know they are wrong are very difficult to tolerate. They tend to aggravate the situation further when they minimize the effects of their unagentive behaviour. Instead of apologies, those around them end up with ambiguous statements that only make them more angry.