These signs indicate that he is more than just a colleague to you

“He’s just a colleague, we have nothing in common.” But are you sure? Get to know some of the signs that prove he is much more than that, you just may not have noticed it yet….

When he’s not just a colleague….
Do you get along great, enjoy spending time together and feel comfortable in each other’s company? In addition, everyone around you says you’re a good match? Something’s up! Learn the signals that indicate that he is not just a colleague!

Is he something more to you? Check it out!

At the sight of him your heart beats stronger
Do you feel butterflies in your stomach by his side, your breath speeds up and your cheeks burn? Even your body gives signals that you like him and he is more for you! Your voice trembles, your palms sweat, and you catch yourself not being able to stop thinking about him? We have news for you… you are already lost!

You strive for physical contact
You often touch him in passing, put your hand on his shoulder. You hug each other in greeting and farewell, embrace each other… you both look for opportunities to be close and just touch each other.

You are interested in him
You often talk to each other, call and send messages. You want to know how the other person spent the day, what he was doing and what he is thinking about… You ask a lot of questions, listen to each other’s stories with interest. You are able to talk to each other about any topic.

You tell him secrets
You broadcast on the same waves and talk to each other for hours. You feel that he understands you like no one else and you can tell him about every aspect of your life. therefore, you confide in him, let him in on many things and tell him your secrets.

You hide him from others…
You don’t want to introduce him, especially when you are in a relationship with someone else. Subconsciously you feel that your partner may be jealous of him. Perhaps not without reason? Such thoughts indicate that you yourself are not sure of your feelings….