Think through these issues before you return to the ex

Before you call your ex or decide to renew your relationship with him, you need to think through some important issues. They will help you avoid disappointment and illusions.

Do you still think about your ex-partner and feel something for him? Do you wonder if renewing your acquaintance is a good move? Before you go back to him, it is essential to think through a few issues!

Think through the reasons for the breakup
Think about why did you break up in the first place? If you did it under the influence of emotions and in a state of strong agitation, and now this decision seems exaggerated, perhaps the breakup was a mistake. First of all, cool down and think deeply about the matter.

Think about what has changed
Ask yourself, why do you even want to renew this relationship? Think about what has changed. If nothing, then there is no point in stepping into the same river a second time. In that case, the situation may repeat itself, you will be hurt again and suffer even more.

Think through the reasons for your longing
Think about it, do you just want to be in a relationship again, or do you really miss this particular person? Are you still longing and unable to forget what was between you? Do you constantly return your thoughts to your former partner? Even if you have moved on and got involved with someone new, you still compare the current relationship to the previous one? If this is the case, it means that it is worth giving yourself a chance again.

Think through what you have in common
More things unite you than divide you. You have a great understanding of each other, you can get along, you enjoy spending time with each other. You have many common themes, passions and interests. Maybe you have common commitments, like children, credit, a house, which bring you even closer together.

Is this what you both want?
Talk about how you feel about each other and whether you both want to continue this relationship. Do you have the same plans for each other and do you both take your relationship seriously. Do you both want to get back together? If the answer is yes, then it is worth giving each other a second chance and trying again.

Do you both regret the breakup?
You broke up, but you both regret it and want to rebuild your old relationship. If you still love each other and want to make things right, there is no need to wait. On the other hand, if you are the only one who misses and still thinks about the ex, your feelings have not expired, however, he does not reciprocate it – then nothing by force.