He is your soul mate, at least according to the stars

Every sign wants something different. Maybe it will be easier to find…

Someone with whom to commit a crime…

One of Aries’ greatest fears is that at the end of it all, he’ll be left with someone who will try to slow him down and stop him. That’s why he prefers to be alone and wait for someone who wants to live a life as exciting as he does, someone who can’t stand being at home and isn’t too jealous or paranoid. She needs someone who loves to travel and has a never-ending thirst for new things. The perfect soul mate understands that being together doesn’t mean anchoring, but lots of adventures together.

Someone who is 100% on your side…

It’s not easy being in a relationship with Taurus because they don’t like change and don’t trust new people. But ironically, somehow, he loves being in a relationship because it allows him to do what he loves most: always coming home to a warm and loving home, snuggling up with someone and being with someone without having to leave the house. With the perfect soul mate, you can feel completely safe and loved.

Someone who complements and forgives your mistakes…

An endlessly curious and passionate creature. Not at all interested in boring details, they only spoil your whole life. She needs someone who sees only the good in her and who has a polite enough nature not to be bothered by her twin shortcomings. A soul mate is someone with whom they complement each other.

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Someone who loves you unconditionally…

Love comes first in a Cancer’s life. And it motivates everything he does. A typical Cancer loves to give to people, which makes his family and friends feel special. That’s why the real one is the person who can give all that love and care back. He can be truly happy when he feels he can be 100% himself and the love flows back and forth.

Someone who makes you feel like a real star…

A lion never sees anyone as a soul mate as much as the person who makes them feel special and adored. That person is an equal partner to the lion, but they go their own way, an important part of which is to always feed the lion’s ego and make sure they notice everything the lion does. The perfect soul mate is one who loves to see others happy and successful and is never for a moment jealous.

Someone who appreciates your efforts…

It’s often said of Virgo that they’re not fun enough, but they actually love that about themselves. That’s why their soulmate both complements them and appreciates their hard work: the great organisation and all the care that Virgo brings to the relationship. The fun as such can only come about because she is the one who organises it, pays for it and makes sure the lights are on when the other comes home.

Someone who loves her friends as much as she does…

No one loves their friends like a Libra. That’s why he wants someone who won’t be jealous that he spends too much time with his friends, and who has a circle of friends as large as his own. A true soul mate is someone who likes to surround himself with as many friends and someone who, outside of the scale, has friends for life.

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Someone who’s always on your team…

Scorpios are brave and hate being left out in the cold. Their true soulmate is someone who hates fighting and skirmishing and who doesn’t get involved in the Scorpio’s games. Straight and honest people, with whom the Scorpio can feel safe and open their hearts.

Someone who makes you laugh like no one else…

Sagittarius values their day by how much fun they had. These joyful and lively people are convinced that life is all fun and laughter. They need a partner with whom they can experience this kind of exuberant happiness every day and who can show them the great opportunities to enjoy life every day.

Someone with the same values as you….

The Capricorn has high expectations and expects a lot from life . This is exhausting for many people, but a soul mate will feel the same way. He often has old-fashioned principles and traditional tastes, but in his career he is ambitious and values his relationships and family above all else.

Someone who moves your brain…

Aquarius values knowledge and individual vision. He could never be with someone who thinks conventionally or who accepts what people say unconditionally. There is only one way to his heart and that is through good and meaningful conversation. Aquarius respects free thinking and those who have their own ideas and their own particular thoughts.

Someone who inspires you and brings out the artist in you…

Nothing brings out the dreamy side of Pisces more than a muse who inspires creative work. He needs someone who can leave him alone sometimes, who can give him space, but who makes him feel loved and peaceful when they are together. A true soul mate appreciates his true nature and never asks him to change, but constantly inspires him, which allows him to grow and develop.

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