If he behaves like this, he is probably not happy with you

What behavior indicates that your partner is not happy with you? There are several clear signals to look out for.

While you may think that your partner is happy with you and takes your relationship seriously, however, when you notice these behaviors in him you may start to be suspicious about whether your relationship really has a future.

Poor contact
If he has stopped answering phone calls, doesn’t return messages and is in no hurry to meet you, he may be keeping you at a distance. Your contact no longer gives him pleasure and is even tiresome. This applies, of course, when the lack of contact is prolonged.

He does not enjoy the meetings
He doesn’t even try to pretend to enjoy meeting you. He is preoccupied with something else entirely and lets you know that your presence tires him out.

He provokes an argument
If he has started to cause arguments over the smallest nonsense, he probably wants to keep you at a distance. After an argument, you may not talk to each other. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be in this relationship anymore, but is unable to make a decision.

He doesn’t show commitment
If he used to care about you a lot, give you little pleasures and make an effort, and now the situation is the opposite, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

You are not in his plans for the future
If he is planning his future without including you in it, then you can be almost certain that he is not planning to continue your relationship either.

He is interested in other women
His interest in other women, looking at them in your company, may indicate that he is not taking your relationship too seriously and is still looking for new sensations.