If a man does these 4 things, his partner will leave him even if he loves him

I’m sure everyone will be familiar with St Paul’s love mantra, as it has been played out in countless films and TV series during the scenes before the altar. “He endures all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” And we refute it right away!

Of course, when a woman is in love, she is willing to swallow a lot for her partner, but it’s far from true that she tolerates everything. There are some unforgivable – or rather intolerable – forms of behaviour that can only be tolerated for a while. And once the cup has been filled, no matter how much a woman may be in love, she will move on…

Let’s see what you experience in your relationship.

She looks like her exes – all the time
It’s natural to compare your new partner to your old one at the beginning of a relationship – it’s part of who you are and an important part of the development process. The problem starts more when your loved one still does it years later, not only in thought but also in communication with you, especially during arguments. This can have a very bad effect on your self-esteem and can even shake your confidence in your partner. Huge red flag…

It keeps you in a constant state of insecurity
You’ve been together for a long time, but somehow you never get the feeling that he’s fully committed to you? Well, it could be because he’s not ready, but it could also be because somewhere he feels that you’re not the one for him. Either way, is it worth waiting for him to find out what he wants? Well.

He wants to change you
Or as he would put it: he wants to correct your mistakes. Rather than accepting you for who you are – which is why he wants you to – he’s constantly finding the smallest of your flaws and offering solutions. In such cases, it’s no wonder you feel like an object over which he has control, not to mention how much this destroys your self-confidence. After a while you realise that someone will come along who loves you exactly as you are now.

He is afraid of your success
In a healthy relationship, your partner will be encouraged and happy with everything you achieve. If your sweetheart can’t give you that, and in fact, feels rather threatened by being partnered with a successful woman, then sooner or later you will probably leave him. Of course, you can also let her drag you down…