5 things never to do if you want to keep a relationship

Many good relationships don’t end well. And that’s also because they’ve had activities creep into their partnership that, at first glance, don’t look like they could put love on the back burner. But paradoxically, it is these activities that end up being a large part of the reason that one in two marriages end in divorce.

In a partnership, it is not that he who is silent bears witness, but that, on the contrary, he who is silent no one understands. Therapists says that in relationship coaching even couples in divorce proceedings have saved love just by teaching them to communicate together. Talking without accusation but with tolerance is the foundation of relationship development. For if communication binds, everything else binds with it. Therefore, if you are often silent in a relationship, it is better to argue instead. It is the way a relationship can last, paradoxically, longer than if you say nothing.

To a small extent, jealousy is a natural side effect in love. But if it’s excessive, it can mean that it interferes with a partner’s friendships, camaraderie and freedom. Jealousy has never helped anyone. It hasn’t even been able to prevent infidelity if it should occur. Acting jealously is only a source of quarrels, suspicions, feelings of guilt and inappropriate reactions. She has been behind many relationship endings that might otherwise have been exemplary.

Is probably the worst thing that can occur between partners. Because if you’re blaming someone, you need evidence. Even if you have it, things may not always be as clear-cut as they seem. Likewise, it’s important to know that accusing your partner unfairly actually suggests to them that you see them as a different person than they really are. And that erodes trust and can end up ending the relationship as well. No one wants to live with someone who is always looking for faults in the other person and accusing them of things they never did.

The loyalty test
Many women try to test their partner for fidelity. Through anonymous nicknames or girlfriends, they expose him to temptation. However, here Therapists points out one problem. Such temptation might never happen in real life. Because the partner isn’t looking for him. But beware. If a partner finds out about your test, regardless of whether he or she succumbs or you want to give him or her a reward for resisting, you may lose value in his or her eyes. You become the one who needs to validate his love. And that’s kind of crossing the line of a healthy relationship.

I’m doing this for you.
Maybe you know the drill. Not all hobbies and activities you have in common. Naturally everyone wants to share theirs with their partner. It’s great if that’s the case, but watch out for the thin line that’s called: “I’m doing this for you.”Therapists says that if you do things together, never say in words or expression that it’s just because of him. Doing so will spoil the moment not only for yourself, but also for your partner. Who, moreover, will not appreciate your effort, but will take it as something that has spoiled his feelings of joy. Because he does not feel that you are doing it with enthusiasm, but with a lump in his throat.