9 surprising little body language signs that tell you your relationship is over

Your brain is telling you with all its might that he’s the perfect partner. He may even make your heart and soul believe it. But no one can fool your body. According to The Daily Net, if you’re seeing these tiny – often seemingly harmless – signs on yourself or your partner, you’re in big trouble.

Physical distance
According to body language experts, the distance between two people is a tell-tale sign.

They say couples who are truly intimate are no more than 45 centimetres apart when they are together. Unless they are cuddling or hugging, that distance is zero.

So if you and your partner regularly keep more than half a metre or more, there’s something wrong.

Signs of mistrust
If lovers are constantly eyeing each other, that in itself is not a problem. But if they do it with visible tension, it is. If you’re with your partner and they’re constantly tapping their foot, gesticulating excitedly with their hands, or even defensively clasping their hands when talking to you, there’s a serious trust problem.

If you don’t move together
Happy couples move in sync instinctively, according to experts. When they walk, for example, they do it side by side, in sync. If this synchronicity breaks down, one of them falls behind or they just wobble around, it’s a clear sign from the body that they’re not on the same wavelength.

We deliberately use this word instead of smile.

A forced smile on a couple’s face is a very bad sign. It shows effort, that they are trying to cover something up. It usually means they’re not comfortable with each other.

Crossed arms and/or legs
Both are classic defensive postures. If you often assume this pose with your partner when you’re together, it’s like an invisible wall between you. You are simply not willing to open up to each other, and that is a very bad sign.

Constricted eyebrows
According to body language experts, this is practically one of the most important divorce gestures. They’ve even done a survey on how

couples who frequently frowned when looking at each other or talking were almost certain to divorce sooner or later.

No wonder: this gesture is an expression of criticism and disapproval. Both are relationship killers.

Lack of eye contact
This one doesn’t need a lengthy explanation. One of the most important signs of love and intimacy is when two people look at each other frequently. If this is not there, the relationship will slowly start dying.

If you cover your neck
According to experts, if someone often covers their neck with their hands, it’s a sign that they are hiding something from you or are being defensive or hiding. It’s said to be an ancient instinct, as the neck is the most vulnerable part of the human body (it’s also where predators catch their prey).

Another surprise: if your partner often pats you on the back in a friendly way, it’s not a good sign. It’s a friendly gesture, an attempt to “get away” with a gentle hug, to hide the fact that his love for you has passed and turned into friendship.