Find Out All About The 8 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Women Make Here

Typical mistakes women make in relationships

Admitting mistakes is no fun, yet we all commit them from time to time. Especially in love, we don’t always behave the right way. These 8 relationship mistakes women (and some men, too) make all the time!

Of course, it’s easy to blame the other party after a failed relationship. That’s perfectly legitimate, too, because it helps us get over the breakup. But if we listen deep inside ourselves, we realize that we don’t always do everything right either. Everyone makes mistakes. But we only notice some of them in retrospect. We open our eyes to typical relationship mistakes – where we may feel caught at first, but also become aware of what we can do better next time.

we can not or do not want to understand men:

One of the biggest problems in relationship is probably communication. It is well known that men and women tick differently. But sometimes we just don’t want to accept that. While we spend hours wondering whether the lack of a kiss at the end of a message means the end of love, our partner probably didn’t think anything of it. Even if it is difficult to accept, not everyone thinks the way you do. The partner can be driven crazy if one scene follows the next because we have interpreted something into a normal sentence. We should stop blaming each other from the different way of communication and just talk clearly to each other when there are problems.

we try to change our partner:

Of course, a relationship requires compromise. It is not always easy when two individual characters meet. Nevertheless, we should stop nagging our partner and trying to change him. How would we fare if we constantly felt we had to change for the sake of the relationship? In a partnership, you should accept and love each other as you are. Constructive criticism is always allowed – as long as it helps our partner. However, we should appreciate him in the first place, instead of putting him down.

we overlook what is done for us:

When we’re already nagging our partner, we tend to forget the good things. In our complaining mania we overlook what is actually done for us. Gratitude is the key word. Our partner does many things to make us feel good. However, we often take these deeds for granted. So it’s hardly surprising that they become fewer over time. When a partner in a relationship realizes that their effort is overlooked, love suffers.

we forget to give:

The same goes for this point. A relationship is a constant give and take. So if our partner constantly accompanies us to family dinners and patiently holds our hand, but we keep annoyedly refusing to go out with his buddies, the relationship will eventually get out of balance. We should not only set high expectations, but also invest in the relationship ourselves. It’s all about mutual giving of attention, which should be in balance.

We become drama queens:

If there’s one thing men hate, it’s drama. But sometimes we can’t help it and all the anger has to come out. In those moments, we can ask ourselves: is it really that bad that he didn’t get in touch once or is it just our emotions taking over? Before we make a scene next time, we should wait ten seconds and consider whether it’s worth the argument, or whether we might really be making a mountain out of a molehill. After all, too much unnecessary criticism could eventually send your partner running for the hills.

we cling:

When we fall in love, we very quickly become very clingy. Of course, you want to spend every free second together. However, you should also give your partner their space. Would we give up our girls’ nights out completely? Exactly. Jealously bombarding your partner with messages when he goes out with his buddies aims at exactly the opposite of closeness. The more one partner clings, the more the other withdraws. If we are open to his friends, we are all the more likely to be introduced and taken along.

we compare with the ex:

“My ex used to cook for me!” Everyone probably hits the roof at this sentence. In anger, we tend to compare our relationship with the previous one. But there was a reason why this one is no longer current…? We should not forget this reason and especially we should not spread the nice memories in front of our new partner. This not only hurts, it also destroys trust.

we forget our own value:

Last but not least, there is also the one mistake that always hurts ourselves. Blinded by love, women often forget their own value. Even the most self-confident woman can become a gray mouse in an unhealthy partnership, but no one should completely put their own needs in the background and neglect themselves just to make their partner happy. Love should always be balanced. If our relationship weakens our self-confidence instead of strengthening it, we need to rethink it. Because even the most exciting infatuation has its limits when it becomes a dependency and we let it beat us down.