Dry skin is the first victim of the cold season. When temperatures drop below freezing and blizzards replace the summer breeze, your skin gets red, cracked, flaky and itchy.

Dry skin is the first victim of the cold season. When temperatures drop below freezing and the blizzard replaces the summer breeze, the skin gets red, cracks, flakes and itches. The obvious solution would be the moisturiser in your kit, but sometimes even that proves ineffective or, worse still, encourages pimples. So how can you keep your skin soft in winter?

Buy a room humidifier
especially if you’re prone to pimples. This way, your skin gets the moisture it needs from the environment while you sleep. It’s an effective and healthy way to regulate dry air in the bedroom.

What’s better than a moisturiser?
A moisturising serum. Always use one BEFORE applying cream – it will work better on damp skin anyway. If you want to be “more Catholic than the Pope”, use the serum before your favourite face mask. Masks seal the skin, helping to absorb the active ingredients in the serum.

Apply skin care products quickly
After cleansing, immediately use a toner and then a serum on a still damp face. It is vital not to take long breaks between applications to maintain your skin’s optimal moisture level.

Instead of overdoing it with moisturisers
exfoliate more often. If your face feels dry and dull, use a good facial scrub. The idea is to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, not to moisturise it more. Warning: don’t exceed 2-3 exfoliation sessions a week, followed by an AHA serum and night moisturiser.

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