7 formulas to regain self-confidence


Formulas to regain self-confidence #1: Replace “I will never be able to” with “I will make it”.

Saying to oneself that one cannot, that one is as if unfit, is what most often comes out of a lack of self-confidence. From this false impression that it is impossible. So to overcome this feeling, replace these words with “I can do it”. Put a real positive intention in it and then break down in writing what you need to do to reach your goal. Visualizing your goal and its steps will help you achieve it. It will help you with everything you have to do in life.

Formulas to regain self-confidence #2: Replace “I can’t do it” with “I can do it”.

To succeed in motivating yourself and visualizing this goal, remember a previous success you are proud of. Your existence is not just a succession of failures no matter what you think. It is your limiting beliefs that make you think that. But it’s not true. Remember that something you achieved, succeeded and made you happy. Feel all the feelings inherent in that experience and go for it. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.

Formulas for regaining self-confidence #3: Replace “I don’t deserve it” with “I deserve it”.

Lacking self-confidence, believing that you don’t deserve the good things in life, that it’s for others, is to languish in an unceasing feeling of inferiority. Be careful not to fall into a feeling of persecution. Like everyone else, you deserve to succeed, to be proud of yourself, to be happy. You are entitled to the best. Give yourself the means to succeed and reap the rewards. You deserve it and success does not mean that it is at the expense of the happiness of others. Absolutely not. There is no guilt in your desire to succeed, to realize yourself as long as you do it without hurting or crushing others.

Formulas to regain self-confidence #4: Replace “I’m not ready” by “I have the right to make mistakes”.

Mistakes are part of success. You learn by falling. Everyone knows failure, even those who don’t show it. Only those who do nothing are never wrong. The important thing is not falling, as they say, but getting up and trying again. Moreover, there is no such thing as perfection, so it is not useless to aim for it. Stay the course, don’t get discouraged and accept every lesson life brings you. Tell yourself that a mistake is always an opportunity to do better, to progress, to improve. That life offers you a second chance.

Formulas to regain self-confidence #5: Replace “I take a risk” by “I take a chance”.

French is a very complex language, but also and above all it is very rich in words full of meaning. So use the rich vocabulary of our language to change the way you think and do things! A risk is frightening, it’s true, it makes you think about danger. So let’s call it “chance” instead. Daring is not necessarily synonymous with taking a risk, but rather with trying something new. To seize a chance, perhaps the chance to accomplish what is important to us. To accomplish ourselves. So go for it.

Formulas for regaining self-confidence #6: Replace “you should” by “I’m going! »
Have you noticed how “should/should” is a demotivating formulation? Between the conditional that plagues all will and the verb falloir which resounds like an effort, a duty, an obligation, your brain is incapable of sending positive signals. So drop the “should” and even the “must” and take action. Purely and simply. Speak in the present tense and follow your goals. Take one step at a time. Focus on the present moment. Take full ownership of the action.
Self-confidence Formulas #7: Replace “everyone will laugh at me if I fail! “with “What matters is what I think of myself”.
If you are caring and confident with yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think. Your self-confidence will allow you to sort out positive criticism from the hasty judgments of others. In addition, we often imagine that we are judged by others, but we think too little of the people who love and admire us. It’s high time to look at what makes us feel good. And then often, those who judge are those who don’t dare and get stuck in these negative formulas. They are actually envious of those who move forward, who take the plunge.  And therefore of you if you dare too. You represent for them the expression of unfulfilled desires.

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