4 Mistakes That Prevent People From Seeing Your Value…

1st mistake: You are dependent on men

When a man you like or love doesn’t give you news and doesn’t answer your messages, it’s a crisis! You get worried and start sending him more and more messages. You blame him when he finally gives you a sign of life.

You find it hard to be satisfied with yourself and your presence. You don’t know how to enjoy your own company. You need the presence of a man or others to feel happy. A man feels that your happiness depends on him and this puts pressure on him. This is how some men end up getting scared and drifting away.

You need to learn how to spend some one-on-one time with yourself and reconnect with your desires and passions. You need to learn how to be happy with or without a man. So you will no longer go to a man with a void to fill, but to be fully fulfilled as a woman. You will no longer miss him but you will share with him and that makes all the difference!

2nd mistake: You are not conscious of your value

No matter how many times you are told and told about your qualities, whether it is your physique or your personality, you don’t believe it. You only see your faults, you focus on them. You don’t accept your imperfections even though, as you well know, no one is perfect!

You sometimes have the impression that there is something wrong with you and you say that this is why you can’t find love or lasting fulfillment with a man.

When you like a man, you put him on a pedestal, you overestimate his value and you demean yourself in front of him. As a result, you feel unworthy of his love and the man may end up disrespecting you or behaving badly towards you.

In addition, because you are not aware of your own worth, you attract men who do not deserve you and are not worthy of your love.

You need to focus on all the beautiful qualities that make you a unique woman, to finally dare to reveal your inner and outer beauty to the world! You need to become aware of all the riches you have to bring to a relationship…

3rd mistake: You don’t know what you want in love and in your life.

You have no clear direction in love and in all areas of your life. You allow yourself to get caught up in relationships with men who do not really correspond to you. You are so focused on your need to be loved that you allow yourself to be chosen by the men you please. You tell yourself that if a man is interested in you, he deserves your interest, regardless of his appearance or personality…

You waste a lot of time and energy chasing after people and you have nothing left for yourself: to achieve your goals and to move forward in your life.

You need to clearly define what kind of men you are looking for and give up men who are not suitable for you to make yourself available for true love. You need to focus on yourself to achieve your goals and live your life according to your values. In this way, you will realize yourself as a woman outside of your love life and this will give you more self-confidence and confidence in front of men.

4th mistake: You wear a mask

You think that in order to please men and incite their love, you have to look like a strong woman in their eyes. Result: you hide your emotions even when you are not feeling well and you are bubbling up inside. This inability to show your vulnerability to men prevents you from communicating with them authentically. Moreover, because you keep everything to yourself, you end up exploding one day and men don’t understand what’s happening to you.

Men don’t see who you really are and find it difficult to be touched by you and to become attached to you.

You need to learn how to feel and express your emotions to men. You need to learn to set your limits in caring for men and in loving and respecting yourself.

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