Alcohol Makes You Depressed – Here Are The Reasons

In an article, Anders Hammarberg, a doctor and psychotherapist at the Addiction Centre in Stockholm, who says that many people believe that drinking alcohol makes them less depressed. He says many people misunderstand the causal link.

In fact, the opposite is true and it is alcohol that causes mental illness. Alcohol is a powerful activator of the body’s stress system. It triggers cortisol production, disrupts sleep, raises blood pressure and more,” says Anders Hammarberg.

Drinking alcohol regularly can also lead to changes in brain function. People who turn to alcohol to relieve stress and anxiety instead become more stress-sensitive, depressed and have trouble sleeping. A study by The Independent found that people who abstained from alcohol for a month slept better, had more energy and were able to concentrate better. You can read more of the health benefits found in the study here.