To be honest, a real man would never hurt a woman,
and especially the woman they understand to be an extension of them. Real men love and care for themselves, just as they care for those close to them.

Such men treat people with respect…
and especially the woman they’re in a relationship with. To cheat is to lie: it shatters trust and shows that you care very little for your partner as a lover, friend and human being. And for the record, a real man doesn’t date a woman he doesn’t love or couldn’t one day love.

Smart men don’t need mistresses.
Intelligent men choose intelligent women, and if through a complex of circumstances they make the wrong choice, they know how to put it right and then move on, He also points out that in a relationship, it takes a lot of emotional intelligence on the part of the man: “From an emotional point of view, it’s hard for me to say that I know how many intelligent men there are. I don’t know if anyone has ever measured that. Why? Because emotional intelligence comes with age and, unfortunately, in some cases it doesn’t come at all.”

I truly love my wife.
I respect myself too much to break vows. Cheating takes a lot of work.

I don’t cheat
because I would never want any woman to feel what my mother felt when she was cheated on by my father.

Cheaters are not in love
they don’t know what love entails and generally for them, love is not a priority. I am. I know. I will not cheat.

For a very simple reason:
when I make a promise… I keep it. My word means something to me. Honor is important.

Because what
I need is inside me (happiness) and my wife gives me the space to be me.

Infidelity is the coward’s version.
And, in the end… what do you do? Do you look for your keys after you find them?

Obvious answer
I don’t cheat because I love my wife and family.

Men are believers and unbelievers.
Women are believers and unbelievers. I don’t think infidelity is gender specific.

Why buy a burger when you have a steak at home?

Some of us have self esteem
some of us are in love with the women we married and don’t want to hurt them, so we don’t cheat.

When we got married we vowed to put each other first, always.
Not just when it is convenient to do so.

I don’t cheat because I value our relationship.
I was also taught to respect women.

I still love my wife after 27 years of marriage.
I have seen my friends lose their families because of cheating.

I don’t cheat
because I have something beautiful and I don’t want to lose it.

My wife gives me no reason.
I have no interest in cheating on her. Whatever the problem, I am aware that cheating will only make it worse, because I grew up in a house full of infidelity.

My father cheated on my mother and I don’t want to be like him.
I have my children now. I know how much that affects a child’s self-esteem. It is an extremely selfish and uncaring act towards a child’s need for trust and security.

I’ve learned that not cheating is an honorable thing, but more than that I’ve learned that it also means other things:
I’m afraid of being a jerk, I’m afraid of losing love, I’m afraid of the shame of guilt. I used to think my fidelity was a really cool thing, but sometimes now I think my inability to cheat is a sign of weakness. I want to be faithful out of love and not because I don’t have the courage to touch the forbidden fruit. I’m working on that.

I’m not cheating because this is the right thing to do.
I know what it means to be cheated on and when you truly love, someone’s pain is your pain. And you don’t want to cause that person any pain.

I don’t cheat because even on our worst days.
when the connection between us is weak, when we both feel tired and when everything we say is abrasive and mean and even if there were things I wanted to change… I know cheating would change everything, and that’s not what I want.

Nothing is more important to me than sharing my life with the woman who is absolutely perfect for me.
Our relationship is perfect as a result of our imperfections and I love the emotional security that comes from my wife being deeply committed to me and our marriage.

Why don’t I cheat?
It’s pretty simple, I love my wife genuinely and we have developed a partnership that fulfills me in every way imaginable.

Contrary to popular belief.
I believe most men want to have a loving, caring, fulfilling relationship. But simply too many men are unwilling to learn how to achieve these things.