Attractive bedroom decor
The bedroom is the most important room when you are looking for happiness for two. In the bedroom you should have only positive energies. This means that you should feel happy as soon as you cross the threshold. You only have to look through these bedroom images to realise that the right decor has the power to bring a smile to your face and dispel negative thoughts.

Simple, tasteful decor that is tailored to your preferences and that you like will make the energy in the room positive. In the bedroom, choose to place decorative objects that illustrate happiness in the couple. A picture of a happy couple is a very good choice.

Two of each
Another principle that will help you to be happy in love is to have things in pairs in the bedroom and other rooms. Place a bedside table on either side of the bed, put two armchairs in the living room and two dining chairs in the kitchen. In this way you will integrate into your home the idea of a couple, a partnership in two.

Room for two in the wardrobe
If you are looking for love, make sure there is enough room in your home for a second person. Leave enough empty space in your wardrobe to accommodate a partner’s belongings. Once you make room for him in your home, he will also make an appearance in your life. Moreover, it is recommended to hang a few empty hangers in the closet, so that it is even more clear that you are waiting for a partner to hang his or her beds on them.

What to place in the relationship corner
The relationship corner is the south-west corner of your home. The principles of this ancient science say that in this corner you should place two decorative objects in pairs, Choose two objects that symbolize love: two doves, two scented candles (pink or red), two decorative cushions, etc.

The best colours to use in the bedroom
We’ve already established that you have the most “work” to do in the bedroom if you want to attract love fulfillment. The colour scheme in this room is very important, so it is recommended to use colours like pink, red (for decorative objects, not for the whole room) and white.

You should also know that in the bedroom it is not recommended to use mirrors or other things that reflect images, especially surfaces that reflect the image of the bed. So you should not have a TV in the bedroom because the screen usually reflects the bed. Place the bed in the bedroom so that there is easy access from both sides and be careful about the tidiness in the bedroom – there should be few things in the room and as much space as possible to let energies flow.