Is there a guy you like but he has a girlfriend? It’s the perfect opportunity to work on your self-esteem.

What to do if you like him but he has a girlfriend: work on your high positive self-esteem

We say “nobody rules in love”, it is the excuse to fall in love even with the wrong person. That guy you like but has a girlfriend. But love means happiness. Whoever lives in love radiates happiness. But what happens when you like someone but he has a girlfriend. You are going to suffer, the girlfriend is going to suffer and possibly a big problem will arise. You don’t want to be the lover, the other one, do you?

That’s why I tell you, if there is a guy you like but he has a girlfriend, it means you want the best. But not the best of someone, but the best of yourself. That is, try to work on a positive high self-esteem.

  • Forget about him and start working on your inner positive formation. That way you will attract another better and suitable love. You only have to work on your positive high self-esteem.
  • If you spend your life insisting that you like someone but he has a girlfriend, check your self-love. It may be that what you believe as a “passionate and beautiful feeling”, is just selfishness and not what life wants for you. Do you want to be the lover?
  • Don’t lower yourself, you know that guy has a girlfriend, forget about him, look for satisfaction in your self-love. If you get close to him and conquer him, you will only be breaking up a couple. Keep in mind that this can be repeated against you. For you are not free that another girl like you, try to conquer that guy.
  • Do not put your hopes of happiness in the love of others, this is only a symptom of low self-esteem. You don’t need anyone to be happy. If you think you have strong feelings of love for him, use that love to become something better. Improve your inner dialogue by frequenting only thoughts that make you happy.
  • Don’t try to play tricks to attract that guy you like but has a girlfriend. There are fortune tellers, secret readers, tarot readers, horoscopes, who can give you hope. But your hopes for a happy life can’t be in something external. You have no control over anything external, you better start working on your high positive self-esteem.
  • One of the symptoms of low self-esteem is believing that other people always have the best. Therefore you want to be like them, to have what another girl has. You like her but she has a girlfriend. So you better learn to differentiate obsession from infatuation and love from selfishness. If you want to be the mistress, maybe you gave up on being yourself.
  • When you like someone but they have a girlfriend, it usually means that you are wishing for something impossible. Why would anyone want to fail? What value do you give yourself if you focus on loves with high risk of failure? Another symptom of low self-esteem is that you are never happy with what you do and believe that others do it better. Therefore, it is better that you learn to love yourself more and better.
  • Women who have high self-esteem relate well with others. But they also happily enjoy their solitude. They are independent, they know who to love and who to ask for help. They are not afraid of failure, they face their challenges. For example, they do what it takes to deserve the good love of the right guy.
  • If the guy you like has a girlfriend and still gives you a chance by flirting with you, don’t get your hopes up. That this guy gives you too much attention can only be the beginning of a big problem. Don’t think it’s your chance, you don’t know how his girlfriend might react. It will be much better to work on your high positive self-esteem.
  • I know you don’t miss a chance to check the updates of that guy and his girlfriend on social media. Trust me, you are letting your life go down the toilet. There are better things you can do in that time. I know you are a wonderful girl with a big heart. And this circumstance, this love you feel, just means that something extraordinary is coming for you. But away from that boy and his girlfriend.

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