Many relationships fall apart because one party feels neglected.

Looking for ways to make him feel special? Read the following article on how to make your man feel loved and special and he’ll love you even more. Remember that mutual appreciation brings two people closer together.

Many relationships fall apart because one party feels neglected. Just as women crave to be pampered, so do men feel the need to be wanted and loved. Even though they will claim at one point or another in their lives that they want an independent woman they will secretly appreciate you being a bit clingy and calling on him whenever you need to, because it will boost their male ego.

Also, the little touches you make and the way you react to his surprises are the easiest way to make someone feel loved. Talk to him openly, understand him when he has a problem and is grumpy, try to surprise him with something every now and then, show him how much you appreciate him both in private and in public with small romantic gestures and most importantly tell him how much you love him every chance you get, because there is no telling how much time you will have to do this.

Don’t criticize him (absolutely never in public)
Whenever he tries to do something, either to impress you or to get something out of life, try not to criticise him too much if he doesn’t succeed. Even if you don’t believe in his abilities, support him, talk to him about advantages and disadvantages, but let him choose, this will strengthen his self-confidence. If you criticise him too harshly you risk making him feel unappreciated, thus damaging your relationship, you may try to give him some advice, but don’t insist if you see that he is very determined about something.

Defend him
If you are out in public and someone talks badly about him, defend him, even if you don’t entirely agree with what he did or said. You can always take him or her into a private conversation and tell them the truth, but show them that you are there for them through thick and thin. When you’re both in a collective, he’ll see you as a supporter who can reinforce his words when needed and would be devastated to see that you’re not on the same page or that you’re allying against him with someone else.

Compliment him
Compliment him when he tries to impress you. Be honest and don’t try to exaggerate anything, just show him that you appreciate him for being a good person who is trying to please you. Don’t criticize him too much and try to praise him every time he succeeds in a project at work or does something good at home, because that matters a lot to him, even if he doesn’t say it all the time and your opinions matter to him.

Don’t shy away from gestures of appreciation in public
Although at first you might feel awkward when you grab his arm in public or when you kiss him on public transport you will find that if he is not a prude he will love you even more and appreciate your displays. That way he will realize how much you love him and that you are not ashamed of him. He will feel good especially when he sees that other men envy him for the real woman he has next to him, who is not afraid to show her feelings. Lean towards him or take his hand when you go for a walk or are somewhere with friends, be playful even if discreet and your partner will be over the moon.

Accept your mistakes
If you make a mistake accept it with diplomacy. Avoid tricking him into giving up something or taking the blame for something he didn’t do. If you have done something wrong in your relationship with him, admit it, on the principle that any mistake admitted is half forgiven. Even if he doesn’t say it out loud, he may realise that you are trying to manipulate him and will get angry about it. Learn to be honest, take responsibility for your actions and let go of the idea that you are always right. You’ll only seem more human, not more of a loser.

Give it your full support
Assure him both verbally and through your acts of support that you will always be there for him, no matter what. If you see him too busy or looking for something, offer to help him. Even if he initially refuses you, this will show him that you care about him and are willing to give up your favourite soap opera to help him. In addition, show your love on the spot, i.e. hug him from behind when he least expects it, go over and kiss him on the neck while he’s working on the computer, or just stare at him from across the room when he’s reading something and wink suggestively. This will make him relax, smile and feel all your affection to show him that you are close to him.

Take care of yourself
Try to look good for your man, especially when you go out on the street together. If you take care of your own person, you only show respect for the man who stands by your side. Dress nicely, use a branded perfume and wear colourful lingerie to give yourself an air of diva that no one will suspect you have. Often, some girls, when some time passes after the start of the relationship neglect their appearance under the pretext that they have already conquered it and therefore like it. But they forget what they really looked like when they met and no longer realize that the flame of passion must be kept alive. And observing how you dress up for him will make him feel really special.

Surprise him
Even if you give him something nice for each of your anniversaries or birthdays or his name day, that’s not nearly enough. Try to surprise him once in a while, sweetly if possible. You can buy his favourite cakes to eat together on the grass in the park, bake something sweet at home that you know he likes or buy tickets to the cinema, theatre, a cultural event he wants to attend etc. A good way is to subtly slip your panties into the palm of his hand when you have dinner out, while gently rubbing his feet under the table while he talks to someone, these gestures will spark his imagination and his desire to “play”. Gestures count and will make him feel wonderful.

Don’t compare him to your exes
Never compare him to others, especially when you are trying to prove him wrong. It is a blow under the belt that he will perceive as an affront, he will feel very bad. He may already know what he did wrong or what his weaknesses are, but he simply doesn’t want to hear them from you. In addition, when you compare him to an ex-boyfriend you will make him feel inferior and he may think that you don’t love him, at least not as much as you did before. At the beginning of a relationship it is normal that at least in your mind you compare yourself to what you had before, but as you go on you should feel less insecure and more clear about how you feel about the man who is now with you.