Does He Still Love Me? 8 Signs That Tell You So

he talks to you a lot less

Remember how it was when you first met? You talked – for hours and about everything.

When a man no longer loves his wife, he no longer sees the point in talking to her.

In short, he talks to her less, doesn’t say what he feels and doesn’t tell her what’s going on in his life.

And asking what’s going on in your life and how you’re doing also becomes a rarity. He is simply no longer curious about his partner.

If the communication has fallen asleep to such an extent, this can be a sign that he is no longer in love.

He Is No Longer Making An Effort To Make You Happy.

When a man is in love with his wife, he does everything possible to make her happy….

He tries to impress her, cares lovingly and does things to make her life more pleasant.

However, when a guy stops loving his partner, all these things become less and less frequent or no longer come from a place of love, but rather from a sense of duty.

He No Longer Makes Time For You

When a guy stops loving his partner, he stops making time for her.

Of course, it’s normal to do things without your partner, but only up to a point.

If he’d much rather spend time with his friends – or even at work! – than with you, you should take this as a sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

Remember how it was at the beginning of your relationship and compare it with the current state.

Is he perhaps even trying to avoid spending time together?

He Is More Easily At 180

A guy who has stopped loving his wife gets upset much more quickly about little things she does.

The reason for this is often the lack of love. Because as they say, “love makes you blind”, which also applies to small mistakes in your partner.

For example, does he grumble at you just because you chew your lip or make a little noise when you’re watching a film?

It’s like this… When you’re in love, you tolerate a lot of things or even don’t notice them.

But when your guy doesn’t really love you anymore, he may start hitting you for the smallest things and try to start a fight for things he shouldn’t even be interested in.

He Tries To Cut You Out Of His Life.

A man in love tries to include the woman he loves in almost all parts of his life.

His life is an open book because he wants his partner to feel welcome and comfortable in it.

But if the love is no longer there, that can change quickly.

Suddenly you don’t know what’s going on in his life and you feel like you don’t understand him anymore because he doesn’t tell you anything or doesn’t want to take you with him.

He No Longer Seeks Closeness And Intimacy.

He used to be glued to you, almost always trying to seduce you and be close to you.

Although it can be normal for the fire to burn less strongly when the relationship is no longer fresh, it should make you wonder when his desire completely dies down.

It’s the same with physical closeness.

Does he no longer hold your hand when you’re out and about, even though he used to do that?

Does he no longer put his arm around you when you sit together on the couch?

Is it you who is always looking for closeness?

Another sign that something is wrong….

He Is No Longer Interested In Your Interests And Experiences.

Besides physical distance, emotional distance is another indicator that he doesn’t love you anymore.

So if he stops being interested in your emotions, opinions and thoughts, even though he used to be, it is likely that his feelings towards you have changed.

Even if it seems that he no longer listens to you when you talk about something that is important to you, you should not excuse it with “that’s how men are…”.

He No Longer Shows Or Tells You That He Loves You.

This is probably the clearest signal that he no longer loves you.

If he doesn’t tell you that he loves you anymore or if he only answers with “I love you too…” when you tell him, you should confront him.

It’s not just about the three words, it’s also about little gestures that men do that show they love their woman.

Things like holding the door open, providing little surprises, gratuitous compliments on nothing or just looking at you in love are signs of his love for you.

If these things are missing and he seems cold towards you, you should start to wonder.