If he does these things, you’re a lucky girl. There are very few men like him in this world.

Want to know if you’ve met your soulmate? If the partner you’re with now is the right man for you? If he’ll be a good husband? Then read on because we have some clear evidence that he is the ideal husband for you.

Here are the signs that give him away that he loves you above everything else in this world.

He opens up to you
He has nothing to hide, he’s not secretive, he doesn’t keep you away from the reality of his life. When he’s with you he’s like an open book, he drops all masks, he’s vulnerable and he lays his soul on a platter.

He is attentive to your needs
He cares about you and he cares about your needs. If you want ice cream at 3am, he’ll leave the house and find your favorite ice cream. He cares a lot about you and wants to make sure your needs are met.

Not possessive
Is not jealous and is not possessive. He trusts you and gives you all the freedom you need so you can build a relationship based on honesty, respect and mutual love.

Does a lot of little things for you
It’s the simple, little things that really matter and make a relationship special. Does she make you breakfast in the morning? Does she make your coffee? Does he buy you flowers just because he saw them and thought you’d like them on your kitchen table? Then you’re lucky. It’s all those extra things you don’t ask him to do that help you realize how much he loves you.

He’s never given you reason to doubt his love for you
Stability is vital in any relationship. You can tell a lot about the future by looking to the past. If so far he’s never given you reason to doubt his love for you, played games with you, acted strangely, withdrawn… but, on the contrary, he has always been there for you, supported you, included you in his future plans, introduced you to his personal life, showed you time and time again that you are important to him, then be grateful to the Universe that, my dear, you have met your soulmate.

He cares about you
At the end of the day, when you meet, listen to what you have to say. He wants to know how your day was, is present when you talk, asks you questions and tries to see how you are feeling and what he can do to help you feel even better. His goal in life is to see you smile.