Your relationship started as it was meant to be; all the signs of the Universe showed you that you were meant to be together, the paths of life caused you to meet often, and the emotions you felt were so strong you could barely contain them. Time has passed, and although nothing much has changed, you still appreciate each other for your qualities, and the relationship seems to be just as intense, yet something happens. You feel like the relationship is suffocating you, holding you back for a while, weighing you down, and not letting you be you anymore. What’s going on? Your soul may be trapped in a karmic relationship. Read the article for signs of such a bond.

The beginning: A strong emotional connection, an attraction like you’ve never felt before.
In the beginning, a karmic relationship is often mistaken for meeting your soulmate. This confusion arises because such a relationship is established between two completely compatible souls in healing and simultaneously learning an essential life lesson, a lesson of love and suffering. The affinity of these souls is uncontrollable. They will be together! A karmic relationship will happen, in the face of which the partners cannot resist. It begins with particularly intense emotions, perhaps such as they have never felt before, and it often happens that this relationship is out of the ordinary.

Somehow the two are very different from the start.
They may come from different social and cultural backgrounds or from different countries. The feelings and attraction the two partners feel towards each other are powerful. Perhaps they will never feel again, even for their soul mate, in a relationship where love… feels different.

Intense feelings last a long time, and in the couple, the two partners discover themselves, as they are, in a clean mirror, without secrets. It’s understandable why you can never forget a karmic partner.

A love story worthy of a romance novel
The love story of these two cannot be hidden from friends or family; it is a relationship that those around see purely, and the feelings and emotions are easily read in the eyes of the partners when their eyes meet. Their relationship is robust and eventful because the two meetings aim to discover each other, understand who they are, and heal. Often, such a story is worthy of a romance novel that holds your breath!

Life lessons, emotional growth
In a karmic bond, the souls of the two are carefully chosen and attract each other like a strong magnet. Generally, one of the two gives unconditional love, and the other learns and heals. Conversely, the partner who teaches love shows the other a world of vulnerability, in which they must learn to tread carefully, to discover gentleness and calm, but also the responsibility of actions, words, or what problems arise from the lack of effort.

In a karmic bond, the two discover who they are and learn the other side of life, which they lack to gain spiritual balance.

Over time, the relationship suffocates for no reason.
The two partners change daily through everything they experience together, what they discover, and the challenges they receive in such a relationship. Often, these challenges are huge and involve enormous sacrifices for one or both partners: either large sums of money are involved, perhaps even one partner’s savings, or they have to give up their studies, their career, or even the country where they live, where they leave their parents. These challenges can be very diverse and can touch on other levels, perhaps even ***ual, but the point is that their impact is particularly significant for one or both partners.

Over time, although the two still value and respect each other, although they “owe” each other perhaps some of life’s most meaningful experiences and lessons, they still begin to feel suffocated in the relationship. They think that they have reached a point where their paths become too diverting, they can no longer walk arm in arm, the suffering arises, and the feeling that they no longer have freedom.

This is when the karmic relationship has to end.
Leaving a karmic relationship is very difficult and traumatic, and the longer the separation is delayed, the more negative feelings are accentuated. It’s a relationship that stays with you, even after the end.

The ending generally becomes abrupt; often, the two prefer not to talk to each other for a while or do it very rarely.