Are You Jealous? See Which Category You Fall Into!

What kind of jealous are you?
The possessive:
she hates anyone who lives around the person she loves (parents, sisters, brothers, dogs, plants) and steals his partner’s time and attention. Can’t stand taking second place in the mind of the person they love.

The grudge-holder: is always afraid and suspects their partner of living by reminiscing about old relationships. she imagines everything his partner has experienced with other people and suffers. She would have liked to be his first love. Worst part: She asks about things She doesn’t really want to know. She can’t tolerate knowing that something is being kept from Her.

Invader: checks diaries, goes through mail, opens emails, invades the privacy of the person next to him. The worst part: when the spying victim reproaches Her for this, the jealous one says, “So, you see, you’re hiding something.”

No limits: She has bouts of jealousy out of the blue, out of anything She finds suspicious. Most of Her reproaches have nothing to do with reality; all they do is complicate the relationship. “Since when do you like action movies? Did someone influence you?” or “A new co-worker? How old is She? Does She have a boyfriend? Does she seem cool to you?”

The quitter: without necessarily stepping out on their partner, She get the impression that their partner is unfaithful. This type of jealous person threatens that She could never forgive betrayal and lying, nor would She hesitate to break up if She found out about infidelity.

Silent: seems untouched by jealousy when her mate gives her reasons. Silence out of pride. Feels that making a jealous scene shows her insecurity.