Here are five signs he loves you even though he doesn’t tell you!

Which do you prefer? A guy who talks a lot, makes your head spin with nice words but when you need him he disappears into the fog? Or a man who keeps quiet and does? Some men find it harder to say they love you but their actions and gestures show it. Here are five signs that he loves you even though he doesn’t say it (often).

He calls or texts you every day
Although in some contemporary societies such as the American one, daily communication can be considered stressful, especially at the beginning of a relationship, a man who loves you will feel the need to communicate with you on a daily basis, even with a simple message. It’s a simple desire to know that you are okay and that everything is fine.

When he is around you, you feel him radiating joy
You can see it in his eyes shining, in the smile on his face, you can feel the energy he gives you. Being with the person you love, with whom you have a harmonious relationship based on respect and trust, is like a battery that will charge you both with energy.

Wants to spend time with you
A man who loves you will make time for you no matter how busy he is. Even if it’s for a shorter period of time, that time will be quality time. He won’t disappear into the fog and will find ways to be with you. Even if that means each of you sitting in your corner of the couch and working on the current project.

Touching you
It’s not just the fact that he touches you but the way he touches you. Touching a man who loves you is different from touching a man whose hormones you’ve only aroused. Touching a man who loves you has something warm, protective, besides passion. A joy, a delight, a kind of gratitude for the joy of being with you.

He is always there for you
Even when you’re hoarse, with a blanket on your head and your hair in a mess. Even when you’re struggling or have lost your job. Because to him you are unique. He accepts and loves you for who you are, for what you are.