The beneficial effects of falling in love!

Nothing compares to the wonderful feeling of butterflies in your stomach caused by falling in love. What you may not know is that the effects ripple through your entire body. Here are five medical reasons to fall in love.

What love does to you: the beneficial effects of falling in love

Heals your heart
It’s no surprise that we associate love with the heart. Because falling in love has a lot of benefits for your heart health. A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, USA, found that women in happy marriages have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those in stressful relationships. Another US study shows that the survival rate of heart surgery is three times higher in women who are fulfilled in love and who express their emotions freely, which also has a positive impact on cholesterol levels.

Improves mental health
Do you want to alleviate that nagging feeling of loneliness? Nothing simpler: fall in love. Research in New Zealand has shown that women who are in relationships longer than five years are rarely, if ever, depressed. Experts believe that the presence of a partner and the connection with that partner helps to remove the feelings of loneliness, isolation and negativity generated by isolation.

Lowers blood pressure
Long hugs with your partner, followed by ten-minute talks, lead to a drastic reduction in blood pressure and increase levels of oxytocin, known as the relaxation hormone.

Maintains youthfulness
Love and its close relative, maintain youth. The Scots have researched and found that women who have physical contact four or more times a week look up to 10 years younger than their biological age. physical contact doesn’t just have magical physical and emotional effects. Passion in the bedroom makes us more mindful of our bodies and stimulates the body to produce youth hormones.

Fight ovarian cancer
Research has shown that the occurrence of ovarian cancer is reduced in women with a fulfilled emotional and physical contact life. In cases where it does occur, the chances of a cure are higher.