Remember this! You are two souls with the power to decide whether or not to stay in a relationship.

You need two committed people for a love relationship to work. Since no one is perfect, it’s reasonable to assume that there is no ideal relationship. You may have found your soulmate, but there will be times when you have conflicting discussions, and things won’t be rosy.

Suppose a couple doesn’t have disagreements, arguments, or conflicts. In that case, one of the partners is not being true to themselves. Underlying complexity and unspoken opinions can be more damaging to a relationship than an argument. When couples argue their views reasonably, the relationship becomes more open, honest, mature, and robust.

Why fight for the relationship? We tell you:

Fight for the love relationship because… you are soul mates
Think you’ve found your soulmate? Is the partner next to you your soulmate? Then you need to fight for your relationship with all your heart. Day by day… moment by moment. Don’t sleep on it – love comes and goes. It’s your job to keep it alive.

Fight for the love relationship because… he deserves to see how much you care about him.
Show him that your heart is only for him. Share your feelings, open your heart, drop the masks and choose to be vulnerable. That way, you will also be an example and show him that he is safe with you, can trust you, and talk about his insecurities. Don’t keep your emotions buried.

Fight for the relationship because… your destiny is in your hands
You are two souls with the power to decide whether or not to stay in a relationship.
If you and your partner love each other, don’t allow anyone to come between you. Don’t let a disagreement destroy what you have. When you fight for your relationship, you both maintain that decision to love and the desire to fix what is broken. It’s a strength you should never give up.

Fight for the love relationship because… you don’t want it to be one of your regrets later on
All people have a few regrets deep in their hearts. Don’t let the fact that you give up too quickly on the relationship you’re in be one of the regrets you think about for the rest of your life. Don’t let a beautiful relationship go down the drain. Don’t allow yourself years and years from now to agonize over questions like “What if…?” or “Why didn’t we fight harder?”

Even if things don’t work out, at least have the satisfaction you tried… you gave it your best shot. You did your best to save the relationship.