5 Things Not To Do At The Beginning Of A Relationship


A love relationship is always something fantastic… Even more so at the beginning !!! Be careful however with the unfortunate slips… It is enough for you to follow certain small rules in order to avoid any false steps which could harm your couple on the long term. Here are 5 things you should not do at the beginning of a relationship:

1/ Don’t be oppressive

No moral or physical harassment! Being a couple does not give you any rights over the other. And don’t think that being a couple rhymes with a lack of freedom. Don’t start sending 200 text messages a day asking your sweetheart what he/she is doing. Or wanting to spend 24 hours a day, including weekends, with him/her at the expense of your friends, activities and work. Give the two of you a little space and time or else you’ll quickly spoil each other’s lives and create a feeling of overdose on each other that will tarnish your future relationships.

2/ Don’t declare your flame too quickly

Unless you’ve known each other since you were little, and year after year your beautiful friendship has grown into something more beautiful and stronger, and even though you both enjoyed each other very much, you were late in confessing your love, don’t say “I love you” after the first week! Don’t let yourself be carried away by the torrent of emotions that inevitably accompanies your first kisses, your first outings, your first hugs. It is better to take time to think about it, and wait a moment before confessing to your darling the strength of your love.

Otherwise, if it happens too quickly, you risk scaring your partner away, or putting him/her in a difficult position if his/her feelings have not yet developed as much as yours. 

3/ Don’t unpack your whole life

Keep a part of mystery! If your darling already knows your whole life after two weeks, you will quickly lose your seduction potential! And yes, mystery is important, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Your lover will be delighted to learn a little more about you every week, but not to unpack everything either. And yes, above all, don’t talk about your exes! FORBIDDEN!

4/ Don’t get stuck

Even if the desire is very strong, and in most cases, reciprocal, do not spend your time together. Let each other breathe. Know how to stay a little independent. You will have plenty of time in a few months/years to live together, so in the meantime, keep some distance. Enough so that you don’t get tired of each other right away. Know how to create a little bit of lack, desire, you will find yourself with all the more strength and joy!

5/ Do not be intrusive.

There’s nothing better to scare someone away! Which would be a shame, after all the trouble you may have gone through to end up together. This way we will avoid all the attempts, more or less successful, of stalking and spying on Facebook, Snap, Whatsapp, Messenger and co! Even if you’re burning to know where your sweetheart is and what he/she’s doing, let go! Learn how to build your trust in each other and do your best to maintain it once you’ve built it.

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