Walking hand in hand with someone on a rain-soaked sidewalk or on a beautiful night is wonderful. It’s even more wonderful when you do it next to the right man for you.

We want to be in a relationship because that’s how we’ve seen it in family or movies, read it in books and heard it in songs. And because, after all, it’s in relationships that we learn the most valuable life lessons. And it’s also in the couple that we catch wings. Or, on the contrary, we feel like we’re crushing ourselves into the ground. Walking hand in hand with someone on a rain-soaked sidewalk under the festive lights is wonderful. It’s even more wonderful when you do it next to the right man for you. Here are three questions to ask yourself before declaring to the Universe that you want him in your life.

How ready am I?
Ask yourself this question related to different aspects of your life. Is your heart ready? Do you feel ready to give your full attention to another person? Are you ready to give up independence and total freedom? Are you ready to invest your feelings? Are you willing to risk being hurt at some point?

Like a soldier preparing for war, you must be ready to expose yourself on the battlefield of emotions as you try to win the hearts of your loved ones and the people around them. Being prepared means allowing someone into your life not because you feel lonely but because you want to be with that person and offer them your love. Being ready means living a fulfilled and joyful life even when you are not in a relationship. If you are looking for a life partner just to fill the void in your life, then you are not ready yet. You are only ready when you don’t need another person to be happy.

Your happiness is your responsibility and you can only create a happy relationship when you are truly happy with yourself. Only then will you attract a happy partner and be able to create a relationship together.

Have we established healthy boundaries?
Unconditional love does not exclude drawing healthy boundaries. These allow you to focus on the aspects of your life that really matter. In this way, you protect your values, spiritual beliefs, health and other things that are essential to you.

It also helps your partner to know where they stand in relation to you and not to create false expectations.

What do I want from a relationship?
Having a clear list of what you want in a relationship prevents you from having unrealistic expectations. Think about the kind of man you want to share your life with. What qualities does he have? How does he make you feel? What is your life together like?

Also, ask yourself if there are certain things you want to change about yourself, what you have to offer in the relationship and to your partner. Do you have needs that make you angry when they are not met?

Write the answers to the above questions in your diary. to clarify the kind of relationship you want to create. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary upset and waste valuable time.