Break-up messages are never an easy topic to touch on because they really do put you in a very uncomfortable or stressful situation. To alleviate these feelings we thought we’d help you with 10 examples of goodbye messages when life brings you to such a moment. Here we go!

Break up messages
Our journey together ended today. You don’t know how hard it is for me to write “Goodbye!” to you, but deep down I know it’s what you and I need. You were my salvation for a long time, you were the most trusted man in my life, but now I feel the need to go our separate ways and build a different future. You haven’t done anything to lead me to this decision, remember. It was meant to be!

The parting words are so heavy, full of sadness. My heart has become uninhabited again. I hope as soon as possible this void will be filled. Forget my smile, forget my tender look. You must understand – our relationships cannot be returned! You won’t bring love back into my heart and we’ll never be together again!

I’m sorry it all turned out so painfully and so differently than we both dreamed! I don’t think it’s your fault any more than I think it’s mine… life has simply brought us here, where we hoped so hard not to end up. I hope you find your happiness in someone else’s arms because you deserve to smile again and love again. Take care of yourself!

Please don’t come, don’t call me! I can’t live like this anymore! It’ll be better for both of us to leave these meetings in the past. I’m sorry…It’s time to forget about each other because if we go on like this I think we’ll both suffer a lot. Goodbye.

I know I’ve been wrong many times and you know how much you’ve hurt me. Our love has easily turned into a silly, toxic fight that I hated with all my heart. I’m glad we both knew we had to break up, but neither of us had the courage to do it until now. I want us to break up for good- not because I don’t love you anymore but because I don’t understand you anymore, I can’t look at you the same. I’m sorry… Take care of yourself!

Parting lines
Life will change and someone will make you happier/happier than I ever did. The last few months have shown us that we are not as compatible as we had hoped. All the arguing and all the back and forth has made me so tired, that now I finally have the courage to tell you: I can’t…I’m tired of living like this, I’ve had enough for ten lifetimes from now. Forgive me and understand me, but I’ve run out of courage, I don’t know myself anymore.

I’ve had enough, and today I’m determined to tell you frankly and directly: I want us to break up. When I first saw you, I was convinced that I wouldn’t have an easy life with you, but the last few years have almost broken me. All of our love is gone, and what’s left instead is a great indifference, yelling, arguing that I don’t want anymore. Farewell!

You love someone else, and I have to let you be happy/happy! If your heart wanted it that way, to alienate yourself from me, to find peace in someone else’s arms then who am I to argue? I hope you have the life you want!

I no longer wake up thinking of you, I no longer seek your gaze and miss you. It’s clear that our love has run out and there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sorry it had to be this way, believe me… It’s time to part and go our own ways.

I’ve thought a lot about what to write to you, I’ve cried, I’ve been angry, I’ve suffered, and now finally when I feel dried up/dry with tears I simply say: I’m going to leave. I can no longer live the life we give each other, I don’t find myself, I don’t feel the way I should feel. I’m sorry it happened this way. Goodbye!