Here are ten signs that you may be attracting narcissistic men and it’s time to work on you.

One of the reasons many relationships don’t work out is that one of the couple’s partners is narcissistic and the other, usually the woman, an addict. No one can be happy in love until they heal their wounds and reach the state of self-love. Here are ten signs that you may be attracting narcissistic men and it’s time to work on yourself.

  1. You feel extremely uncomfortable when you disagree with someone or have even a small conflict with anyone.
  2. You tend to respond within the first 5 minutes when someone sends you a message, even if you are busy with something else and are often at someone else’s beck and call.
  3. You always adapt to what your partner or friends want to do at the expense of your needs and desires.
  4. You generally avoid taking responsibility and prefer to let others decide for you. For example, even when you are asked what or where you would like to have dinner, you reply that you have no particular preference. You are happy wherever you go.
  5. You always try to please others and not contradict them. Even if you don’t agree, you act as if you agree with their actions and words.
  6. You feel the need to help your partner, to heal him and make him forget his painful past especially because you feel that you are the only person in the world who can help him get back on track.
  7. You have been abused and manipulated by people you trusted completely, people you would have given your shirt off for.
  8. You can’t bear to know that anyone in the world might think you’re a bad person. You do everything in your power to make others see you as a good woman.
  9. You’re attracted to men who don’t pay much attention to you, but who like to be the center of attention and talk about themselves.
  10. You feel extremely guilty and ashamed when you ask others to respect your boundaries. You find it very hard to say no.