6 Weird Things You And Your Partner Only Do If You’ve Been Together For A Long Time

You have weird nicknames
You call each other nicknames that only you two know about (and they’re pretty weird…)

You inspect each other’s bodies
And by that we mean you squeeze your partner’s pimples, nip off that strand of hair sticking out of your eyebrow and enlist each other’s help when the slightest symptom of illness appears.

You smell each other’s dirty clothes
Yes, even if you don’t live together, you bring their panties or underwear when it’s time for laundry time. Smelling your sweater if it’s sweaty is no problem!

You text each other – from different rooms
Maybe you’ve been sitting on the toilet or he’s been in the living room and you’ve been in the bedroom? Texting each other then isn’t so strange, is it?

Trying on each other’s clothes
You’ve both tried on each other’s clothes (and you’ve probably stolen the odd sweater and pair of sweatpants…)

You tickle each other
At some point, you’ve gotten into a real “tickle war” that has led to both laughter and annoyance.