How zodiac signs cope when they are ghosted

Whether you meet someone on an online dating site or at a concert, if there’s a follow-up, it’s almost certain to be online. There will be good morning and good night messages, enquiries about what you’re up to and, of course, the first in-person dates. This is all well and good, but there’s a danger in this state of mind: it’s easy for a guy to start ghosting you.

And then we have to start to come to terms with the fact that, for some reason unknown to us, the man of our hearts has moved on without a word. But how do we do it? Your sign tells us that too.

The hot-headed Aries will not be doing much thinking: banning, deleting – from everywhere! This will ensure that the guy won’t be able to dance back if he wants to. Their self-esteem can only be violated once!

The emotional Taurus will immediately blame himself. That’s why he’ll reread all the messages and try to find out where things went wrong – that is, where he went wrong.

No time for whining! Always hungry for a relationship, Gemini won’t waste a minute and will dive straight back into dating – only with someone else.

Emotionally driven, Cancer will immediately start looking for another. She’ll scour all of the guy’s social profiles until she comes up with a satisfying answer as to why this happened.

Anyone who offends a lion will get the axe! They will immediately retaliate, but not in a clear-cut way, more in a passive aggressive manner. When he stops messaging, she starts sharing increasingly wild Instagram stories, let him stare!

There are few signs more understanding than Virgo. She’ll soon admit to herself that he’s definitely not a bad person, in fact! Rather, she was trying to protect her feelings. They are obviously not happy about being ghosted, but life goes on!

Libras are sure to listen to some sad love songs, watch some crying movies and feel sorry for themselves in the process. Now that’s how you take a disappointment!

We wouldn’t be in your shoes if you were trying to ghost a scorpion. Expect him to turn up in places you frequent and give you a good thrashing!

The laid-back Sagittarius is likely to move on faster than any other sign. He laughs and chalks it up to defeat, because not every man who comes your way can be your life partner, right?

Such an experience will soon make a Capricorn realise why he hates dating anyway. It’s a safe bet that he’ll retire from dating for a while and return to his cave.

Aquarians will immediately start questioning every decision they make, because here is a man who has been chased away, and by who knows what! The biggest problem is that they have no idea what they should do differently.