A break-up or another chance? What can you do if you feel stuck in a relationship?

Have you ever felt, when you look back on your previous relationships, that you were with someone for longer than you should have been and wondered why you didn’t break up when it wasn’t right? This happens to many people. Experts say it’s because in such cases, many of us feel that although the relationship is not perfect, it’s good enough not to end it yet. But in fact, it’s a sign that the relationship has stalled. But how can we recognise this and what can we do if we get to this point? A recent study looked at this question.

The start of a stalled relationship usually begins like a fairy tale. However, the many positives fade after a while, but this is natural, as we see the world in a purple haze during the first period. When this fades away

strong couples seek new excitement and adventure to continue to strengthen their relationship. If this doesn’t happen, the couple drift into a long, unsatisfying relationship.

Prolonging a break-up can also stall a relationship. For example, one partner wants to break up, but a close family member of the partner dies or the parents divorce. In such cases, it would be cruel to break up, so many people stay with their partner to support them, but the relationship is usually not the same afterwards. But a break-up can also be postponed because of a happy event, for example if the woman finds out she is pregnant. Many couples stay together in such cases and their relationship may be reinvigorated, but unfortunately the opposite is also often the case.

What can you do if your relationship is at a standstill?
It’s not impossible to save a stalled relationship, but you have to do it, not wait for a miracle. But if you feel there’s no more, it can’t be fixed and you don’t want to, it’s perfectly okay to choose to break up.

For many people, it was the infidelity (either theirs or their partner’s) that helped them to end their relationship. However, most people realise that they can no longer fulfil their individual goals and desires in their current relationship, and in hindsight they do not regret the break-up.

According to experts, not all relationships are suitable for serious commitment and long lasting love. Sometimes, even a relationship that seems to work well at the beginning sometimes has to end if it is no longer working the way you want it to. But moving on can give us the opportunity to seek a relationship that inspires greater commitment and makes us feel more fulfilled.