5 things a man will never do if he really loves you

It’s not just women who are complicated in the eyes of men, the reverse is also true. As women, we often tire ourselves trying to interpret the intentions behind men’s actions. We can’t always talk about conventional signs, but the fact is: there are five things a man will never do to a woman if he really loves her

He does not force her to do anything
If he’s in love with you, he won’t force you to do things you don’t want to do. He will not manipulate, blackmail or bully you. He will understand that you just don’t feel comfortable in certain circumstances and that’s okay. He will respect your boundaries, as he knows full well that he has some of his own that he expects to be respected.

He doesn’t send ambiguous signals
If he really loves you, you don’t have to wonder how he feels about you. He won’t send ambiguous signals and surround himself with other women. He will do his best to show you that his feelings are pure, true and deep. You will see love in his words, in his actions, and you don’t have to worry that he is just pretending.

He will not disrespect you
You hear a lot from women that their partner disrespects them. Well, if he loves you, he won’t do anything to humiliate you. He won’t say things that make you feel uncomfortable. He won’t stab you where it hurts the most. At least not with intent!

He won’t ignore your needs
A man in love will not take your needs lightly or ignore them. He won’t stomp you into the ground and make you feel how unimportant you are to him. He will care about you and listen to you as a woman.

He will never make you feel unwanted
Every relationship has its difficulties, but the man’s attitude is always talkative. If he loves you, he will certainly never make you feel that you are not good enough and desirable to him. He will want to be with you and love every bit of you.