How to turn jealousy into something positive?

Jealousy is not something that only occurs when you are in a relationship; you can also become jealous of a co-worker, jealous of a friend, or jealous of a sibling. Whatever the circumstances of jealousy, it is usually a destructive emotion that can only lead to you. Being unhappy. If you’re honest with yourself and admit that you’re jealous, there are things you can do to stop that jealousy getting out of control and stop it consuming your life. With a little effort and some soul searching, you can stop jealousy from negatively impacting your life. Here are ten ways you can turn around jealousy and make it a positive emotion.

Let it be your motivation
Anyone can look at a beautiful car and wish they had one of their own, but when someone looks at your car and thinks it’s not fair that the other person owns that car, that’s negative jealousy. Simply, rather than dislike the other person for what they have, congratulate them on their good fortune, and then work hard to get a better car than they have!

Let jealousy show you the way to get the things you want
You might be jealous that a friend seems to be more popular than you and you might be sitting there fuming about it and resenting her for it. On the other hand, you could take something positive out of the emotion and try and work out what it is she does differently from you to make her so popular. It’s never a good idea to simply imitate someone else, but we can sometimes learn things about ourselves by looking at other people.

Don’t make assumptions
Jealousy is often based on false assumptions, because they’re probably thinking the worst. This is especially the case with jealousy in a relationship, where you probably assume that your partner is cheating, just because they’ve been talking to another girl. Don’t always assume that you’re right, because there could be many reasons why your partner has been talking to another woman. And, the car I mentioned before? How do you know the person can’t afford the lease payments on it and is about to be repossessed?

Show people that you are the bigger person
Jealousy will also make you look rather silly if you let it. Don’t sulk like a petulant child because your friend got better grades on an exam than you did, go over and be the first to congratulate them. People will respect you a lot more for being mature about it.

Don’t forget about the things they have
If jealousy gets out of hand, then you may find yourself thinking only those things that the other person and that you don’t. Look for the positives too. You might be jealous that someone at work has been promoted, but completely ignore the fact that you love the job you’re doing right now and you didn’t really want that other job anyway.

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