11 Cute Girls Names That You Guaranteed Did Not Know Yet

Raja is the perfect female first name for your daughter if she is a sign of hope for you. In fact, Raja is the Russian short form of the girl’s name Raissa, which stands for hope.

Sia is an ancient Egyptian deity that stands for wisdom and knowledge. The female first name can also be used as a sweet short form of first names like Anastasia.

You want to raise a daughter who is strong and knows what she wants? Then the rare girl’s name Quinn is perfect for her. Derived from Irish Gaelic, the short given name carries the meaning of “strong-willed” and “wise”.

The Indian girl’s name Nilam carries the meaning “the sapphire” or “the dark blue”.

Of course, this sweet girl’s name immediately makes you think of Maya the bee. But not only the little brave bee carries this beautiful name. Maja is a frequently chosen first name for girls in many countries with a wide variety of languages. From Latin it is translated into “the higher one”. But also in Greek and Roman mythology the name “Maia” already appeared.

Malia is a Hawaiian given name and a variant of the name Mary. It therefore means as much as “the unruly” or “the untamed”. Also in Africa, the sweet name with strong meaning is a popular choice for girls

This sweet girl’s name also not only sounds wonderfully melodic, but also has an adorable meaning thanks to its Hawaiian origin. Lani means “blue sky.”

Short first names for girls are usually a newer short form of a name that has already been around for a long time. Jola, for example, is the diminutive of Jolanda and is most commonly used in Spain, but also in Germany as a rare given name. However, Jola has its origin in the ancient Greek word “iolanthe”, which means violet.

The beautiful Italian girl’s name Emilia is a feminine form of Emilio and means something like “the diligent” or “the eager” – so the perfect name for little busy bees.

An enchanting girl’s name with Native American origins – Enola means “beautiful flower”.