How do you know if your partner is cheating? – watch out for these five signs!

Drama, playfulness, these are the main signs we can spot in our partner, regardless of gender, if they are cheating, but the following five signs combined, if we experience them, may be a reason to be suspicious. Self-awareness trainer Erika Némethi talked about this in her latest video.

If you notice that her mood is different, even though she is at home with her body, her mind is elsewhere. This is mainly the case for men. Women are much more relaxed, accepting and interested at this time. It’s like they’re walking on a pink cloud. They also change styles, go on diets, etc.

Men become more withdrawn at home, they don’t really expend energy on the wife or partner, they tend to withdraw. Women, however, feel recharged by the “lover”, they have much more energy.

You didn’t fold your things before, now you do, you don’t drink coffee like you used to, these can also be screaming signs.

Time management
He is definitely changing. Men are staying out late, not coming home from work as they used to, may have more activities. The same may be true for women, or perhaps, if they start to act out of remorse, they may try to devote more time to us.

choice of words
It can also be observed in the use of language that the party who is having an affair inexplicably becomes interested in new things, and the jargon of this is taken up and talked about with pleasure.

What do we do and where does it lead?
Clearly we get jealous and start looking for evidence. We also start to behave strangely, we say something, he starts to behave strangely and we say that our suspicions were unfounded, and that can also lead to the end of the relationship. Because the other party starts to feel bad about the relationship, closes himself off and our suspicions may cause a break in the relationship and he starts to lash out.

What is the solution?
Let’s talk! Tell him honestly that we see this, we are afraid he will leave us (if this is true), let’s play a clean hand. If there’s a lover, we have to work out how to move on together anyway (especially if there are children), and if there isn’t, at least we’re not dragging each other out.

So, trust… If we don’t have it, then the question is: why are we together?