how to compliment a man, 5 useful tips

Tell him he’s really good at what he does
Men take work seriously and giving him a boost on this aspect of his life will really please him. It doesn’t matter what his job is, if you tell him you’re impressed with the way he does it, he’ll be buzzing with pride.

Tell him he’s interesting and that you enjoy spending time with him
If there’s one thing most people don’t want to be accused of, it’s being boring. Pay attention to what the guy is saying. Look interested, sound interested and say he’s interesting. Guys just like it when they have a girl’s full attention and they are listening.

Make them feel indispensable
Men don’t just like to feel wanted, they want to know that you couldn’t possibly live without them. When he takes on something hard for you, let him know you couldn’t have done it without him and you’ll give his manly pride a massive boost.

Compliment your intelligence
Another tip on how to compliment a man is to compliment his intelligence. It’s not Brawn, people like you know they have brains too. Not all guys are Nobel winning physicists, but they’re all good at something. Even the biggest Mr. Tough Guy in town would like to be complimented for his occasional smarts, so don’t forget to mention it when he knows something you don’t.

Catch him off guard with something spontaneous and unexpected
You can really get a guy’s head spinning if you compliment him on something a little unusual. Tell him you love his eyes or the way he’s so gentle when he’s around you, and you’ll get right to his heart. Don’t say things like that in front of his friends though, he’s not going to live it down!