What’s Your Guilty Pleasure, Depending On Your Sign

Every sign has its good and not so good sides. At the heart of it, however, are the guilty pleasures that each has.

Taking a break from the daily grind, here are the things each sign likes when no one is looking!

You like to pretend you don’t care about the opinions of others around you, but the truth is you want others to appreciate you, notice how great you are and even envy you. That’s probably why you also have a secret Tinder account – you don’t care about dating, you just care about people seeing how gorgeous you are.

Do you know people who are said to always have something contradictory to say on every subject? Well, that’s you! You don’t like the attention, but you can’t help but light a little spark…and anonymously if possible. You’d never vote for Donald Trump, but you like, when the online discussion opens up, to stand up for him.

Geminis are the life of the party. You love interacting and being social with the world around you. You breathe life into every event you attend, and people love you. That’s why your guilty pleasure is disconnecting from the world. You turn off your phone, turn off your tablet, and go on an adventure alone, away from the daily eyes and hustle and bustle.

Cancer is the mother of all. Family and home is their life. It’s hard to convince a Cancer to get out of the house for a party or a night on the town. But if you manage to organise an event they have no choice but to come to, chances are they’ll have the time of their life and thank you for it.

The brightest star of the zodiac, Leo loves to go out to a restaurant or a classy club. But if you’re bored with the routine, hit up the local bar. You won’t be served your bottle of champagne in a very fancy way, but you may meet new people to impress.

Virgos are hard workers. They just can’t help themselves. Nothing makes them happier than crossing one more thing off the to-do list. They already have too many vacation days piled up, but their pleasure is to take a sick day and stay home all day in the bathtub, relaxing like a spa. Work can wait until tomorrow.

Libras love balance – obviously. You spend too much time pleasing and appeasing everyone that now is the time to think about yourself. How do you do that? Well, make a Tumblr site where everything revolves around you – what you like, what inspires you, etc. Love yourself and be selfish for a bit, because your kindness needs a break.

You’re a water sign, and your sign is associated with sex and death. Indeed, your life is deep, dark and complex. That’s why it makes sense why you like to watch a show for hours on end. Unplug! It’s good for you!

You’re a creature of trends. Your weekends are always busy with places to visit, things to see and people to meet. The guilty pleasure? Watching old movies. They’re so outdated they haven’t even become popular yet, but on this particular day you don’t care.

You’re one of the hardest-working of all the zodiac signs. You go to work like a pro because you’re afraid of getting fired. But what you don’t know is that everyone actually loves you. Your guilty pleasure is to allow yourself an extra hour off and get a pedicure.

You worry so much about the future, you’re always fighting to make the best of things. But that can be very tiring. So you could take a break from the future and go back in time and do something retro, for example you could go to the ice rink for a roller skating session, just like the old days.

You’re the most passionate of the zodiac. You always listen to your friends and often put their needs above your own. You’re sweet and bouncy and very sociable. So do something different. You could put embarrassing pictures of your friends on Facebook for everyone to laugh at. Because no one’s expecting it, everyone will have a good laugh.